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Is Computer Science Hard

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam had quoted, "If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun". If you want to achieve something in life, you have to work hard as hard work is the key to success. Regarding computer science, it is part of our study, and when we began with something, it seems hard. But as soon we start to find it interesting, the word 'hard' turns to 'too simple'. Initially, lets' discuss computer science.

What is Computer Science

Is Computer Science Hard

Computer Science is the study of computers and its technology. A deep understanding of computer programming and technology (including hardware and software) is a must. It covers all the core concepts of the computer, including algorithms, designs, development as well as applications of computer science. Computer Science has a wide scope and a bright future. If a person is good at problem solving and mathematics, computer science is a nice choice.

Is Computer Science is a hard subject

There can be both conditions for such question, i.e.

  • Yes, Computer Science is hard.
    It is because the subject covers the study of complex problems, designs, developments, problem-solving as well as programming logically. So, if you are good at maths or problem solving, computer science will not be hard for you. On the other hand, people who are not good at maths don't find computer science too easy. But, one should know that computer science is not limited to programming and development only. The field of computer science is too vast and covers numerous sectors within it, where it is not compulsory to be good at programming or algorithms. There are many career options one can undertake without learning to code. It is not such that other options are not future-oriented. There are people who move in programming because the world is moving towards it, but it should not be like this. One should follow their own passion and interest.
  • Ready for it!
    In such a condition, when a person has finally decided that he/she want to move in the field of computer science. Then the person should not step back. It is because sometimes what seems difficult comes easy and vice versa. Also, nothing is easy in life, and there is no shortcut that leads to a successful goal. If you do something positively, after some failures, you will definitely succeed if you maintain the fire of achieving the goal in your life. In computer science, most people start finding it difficult because of programming. So, below we have discussed various sectors of computer science where the person does not require coding or programming knowledge:
    Is Computer Science Hard
  • User Interface Designer: A designer who is responsible for designing UIs. The designer designs and creates the look of a software interface. If a person is good in designing and creativity can study for UI designer.
  • Software Quality Tester: Also known as SQT, is the person who is responsible for testing and analyzing the quality of a software product before launching it to the public. An SQT makes sure that the software product that is developed is working well and will fulfill the customer requirements or not. These testers execute several stress, scalability and stress tests in order to remove the bugs if found and improving the quality of the software product. Although, a software quality tester is a testing field but different from QA (Quality Assurance).
  • User Experience Designers: Also known as UX are the designers who design products as per the end-users, i.e., keeping end-users in mind. It is because their main objective is set for user-satisfaction. They create such products that would satisfy the users. However, the designation is the same, but the working field of UXers may vary. Some designers are involved in user research and focus on user researches, while some UXers focus on prototyping products.
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist: Such designation is also famous as an SEO specialist. A person who is known for dealing with the market. An SEO specialist is assigned for dealing and increasing the rankings of any particular websites in search engines. Such specialists work and collaborate with the designers and developers for implementing the best practices for the website. Thus, the main task of an SEO specialist is to maintain and increase the ranking of websites over various search engines. So, there is no requirement for programming in the SEO field.
  • Data Analyst: An analyst is a person who possesses huge data sets for analyzing. For becoming a data analyst, strong mathematical, as well as analytical skills are required. In this field, there may be certain requirements for programming also.
  • Enterprise Software Sales: It is an exceptional job profile where the person also receives commissions and bonuses with a salary. These people deal with business-to-business services, known as B2B services. There is no requirement for programming or coding.
  • Web Analyst Specialist: These specialists are also related to SEO and digital marketing, where the role is to focus on the measurement of site traffic, goal settings for the elements of the website. These analysts work via agencies where they represent multiple clients and thus handle multiple websites.
  • Tech Support Specialist: It is the most flexible job where a person can work from their home. The work is to help out the customers in solving the issues regarding any software or service. The need is to have strong and good communication skills.

These are some of the fields where one can build their career if afraid of programming. But, it is well said, "IMPOSSIBLE itself says 'I AM POSSIBLE'. Thus, if you are afraid of computer science due to people gossips, know your own deed and then decide.

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