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How to fix Session Has Expired error on the Internet?

How to fix Session Has Expired error on the Internet

What is Session?

A session is referred to as a complete-time dedicated to an activity. A user session in the computer system, a user session starts when a user accesses or logs in to a software service, network, a particular computer. A session ends when the user turns off the computer or logs out of the service that was accessing. The session has the potential to hold the user's information related to the activities while visiting the website. Therefore, it is included in web pages in order to hold information when the users close down their Internet browser or leave the web page.

Sometimes, you may see an error message "Session Expired" or "Session Has Expired," when you are browsing a website that is database driven as it needs login to visit it. There may be various common causes for these error messages, which are discussed below:


If you visit a database-driven website and do nothing on the page for a set amount of time (typically 10-30 minutes), you may see a "Session Expired" message because the server times out your session. Inactivity timers are included in websites by designers for security reasons as well as to help improve the overall speed of the page. For instance, if you were visiting a website or browsing a page and closing out the page, you will have to create a new session and log in again.

Can I increase the length of time a session expires?

A website session's length of time is not set on your computer, it is measured and managed on the server; therefore, the website session duration cannot be modified by you.

Unstable Internet connection or disconnects

Your Internet connection can cause a website session to expire. When you have an Internet connection that is not stable and again and again connecting and disconnecting, it can be the reason to expire a website session. If the Internet connection is unstable or lost, the website connection might be terminated; as a result, if the Internet reconnects and you try to view any page, you will receive a session expired notice.

Date or time not correct

If the data and time are not correct on your computer system, it can cause the session to expire. Therefore, you need to ensure that the date and time are properly correct on your computer. An inaccurate date or time might cause difficulties with the website and your computer's reconciliation.

Firewall or proxy

Suppose you are establishing an internet connection through a proxy or behind a firewall, which might be caused the session to expire. If a session is not formed once you have connected to the Internet or checked in to a website, you may receive a session expired warning extremely quickly or instantly.


If your browser does not have cookies enabled or you are browsing anonymously, it can be the reason many sessions fail. Therefore, ensure that you have enabled Internet cookies in your browser.

Virus or malware

It is possible that a virus or malware infection will prevent the session from commencing. Examine your computer to discover whether it's infected with a virus or malware. You can install an antivirus program to keep your system safe from being infected with viruses or malware. Also, always keep updated the antivirus program run a scan timely to remove viruses found on the computer.

Other site related issue

If you are seeing an error message "Session Expired" or "Session Has Expired on a particular website not on the other website. Then, you need to verify the problem is not on the company or webmaster end.

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