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What is Web Console?

Web Console is a web-based application that enables end-users to manage their data. The console is a self-service programmed that allows us to perform operations, including download, backup, restore, and more for data management. The web console also enables us to download software packages, execute reports, and manage virtual machines on other tasks. The Web Console could be easily accessed from any remote computer system that runs one of the web browsers given below:

Key Features of the Web Console

There are various key features of the Web Console. Some of them are as follows:

  • Performing Backup and Restore of the Data
  • Managing Virtual Machines
  • Analyzing and Viewing the Web Reports
  • Manage Database
  • Forms
  • Download Software Packages
  • Managing Storage Replications

Performing Backup and Restore of the Data

The Web Console helps us to perform several operations for data management. Some of them are as follows:

  1. From the Web Console, we can view our client data and set up our own backups. Backup operations can be tracked, and we can scan, retrieve and restore the backed-up data later.
  2. We may view, search, and import things from our mailbox.
  3. The papers, photographs and other data can be synchronized between our computers so that we can access our data at any time.

Viewing and Analyzing Web Reports

The Web Console offers access to a wide range of reports that we can use to view different activities in the CommCell.

Managing Virtual Machines

The Web Console offers users of virtual machines the ability to build, control and recover virtual machines of their own.

Manage Database

The Web Console helps us to clone our MSSQL databases. When this option is selected, the Web Console will open the Command Center interface that allows us to build and manage MSSQL database clones.


The Web Console offers access to the Administrator's forms and the behavior sent by the Administrator. The forms appear on the Forms tab, and the Actions tab shows requests.

Download Software Packages

The Web Console helps us to download software packages from a centralized console location.

Manage Storage Replications

The Web Console helps us to manage and create storage replications.

Opening the Browser Console

Two methods can be used to open the web browser console. Using a menu and a keyboard shortcut, we may open the Web Console in the Browser:

Method 1: From the Menu: We need to choose the "Browser Console" option from the Web Developer submenu in the Browser Menu to open the Web Console.

Method 2: From the Keyboard: If we want to open the Web console from the Keyboard, click on the Ctrl + Shift + J (Cmd + Shift + J on a Mac) at the same time.

The Toolbox will appear at the bottom, left, or right side of the browser window, and the Web Console will be enabled.

Web Console Logs

  1. Log information connected to the web page: Network requests, JavaScript, CSS, security failures and alerts, as well as a bug, alert and informational messages directly logging into the JavaScript code in the page background.
  2. It allows us to communicate with a web page by running JavaScript expressions in the sense of a page.
  3. Input/output messages: commands sent to the Browser via the command line and get the result after their execution.

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