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What is a Home Page?

The homepage, often known as the home page, is the initial page that visitors see when they visit a website. It is the name of a website's main page, which acts as the site's beginning point and where visitors can find links to other pages on the site. For example, when you visit, you will visit the Javatpoint home page directly. On all web servers, the homepage is index.html by default; however, the developer can also decide it in index.php, index.htm, index.html, index.php, default.html, and home.html.

What is a Home Page?

The home page can be controlled by web managers on the basis of a way of directing the user experience. The root directory of the website contains the home page, which may also be referred to as a "landing page," "the front page," or "welcome page." Many home pages offer top-level menus that allow the users to go on the different sections within the website, such as about," "contact," "products," "services." You may also find some other elements on the home page of a website include recent news or updates, a search bar, etc.

An information is also included within the website that changes every day.  The website's home page's default filename can be customized on IIS and Apache servers. Also, the filename does not include the home page URL as the root directory of the website loads the home page automatically. The average business website is one of the best examples, which frequently has a logo and prominently displays the company name; it also includes photographs with information about the company. For example, what it does in a community, what the business produces, or who works there.

Website homepage vs. browser homepage

You may be confused with the difference between a browser homepage and a website homepage or the above definition of a homepage if you have never created a website or blog.

When you first open your browser, you see a default document that is referred to as a browser home page. This can be set up in the browser's options to display a specified website. For example, your browser's default home page may be Google when you first open it. If you open your browser's home and search for "javatpoint" and click on the link of the javatpoint, you will go direct on the javatpoint website's home page.

How to get to a website homepage

Generally, on the internet, when you search for something and go to a web page, you may end up on a sub-page rather than the home page. It depends on how each of the web pages is designed if you wish to return to the main page after browsing a sub-page. Most websites are built in such a way that users can return to the homepage by clicking the company logo or by clicking a link to the homepage in the page's header or footer.

Unluckily, some web pages are designed in a way they do not have an option for visitors to get back to the home page. You are required to modify the webpage's address (URL) for these pages. An example is given below that describes how you could get back on the javatpoint home page with the help of editing this page address.

Erase everything in the address bar after the website domain, and enter the domain (e.g., into the address bar. When you enter this domain, the homepage of this site will be opened.

How to get back to the browser homepage

When you open the browser to search for something, you may need to return to the browser's home page at some point. The actions and keyboard shortcuts shown below will assist you in returning to your browser's home page.

  • Look for a button on this page that looks like one of your browser's home buttons; click it to return to your browser's home page.
  • You may also go to your homepage with the keyboard shortcut Alt+Home in most Internet browsers.
  • Try Option+Home or Command+Home keys in Mac Web browsers to go to your browser's homepage.
  • In the last, you can close all open tabs and your browser. When you open the browser again, it opens the home page first.

Purpose of a homepage

The homepage of a website serves as a beginning point for new and recurring users, providing a summary of everything it has to offer. One of the most typical functions of a homepage is as a directory, providing users with connections to specific regions of the site as well as useful information about the site.

When developing a website with multiple pages, keep in mind that the homepage plays a crucial role in allowing users to easily navigate between them. The homepage influences generating a favorable first impression on visitors because it is the name of the main page of a website that visitors will see after typing in the website's URL. There is a strong focus on the designing of the homepage of the website while making a website, which helps to set the right tone for the visitor who comes on the site for the first time and their experience.

Furthermore, a homepage is critical in terms of facilitating user interaction. A homepage, for example, can provide visitors with the most appropriate reading content right away by selecting the most recent pieces from a blog or online journal. For updating visitors and promoting events and special offers, a home page can also be a virtual place.

Why does a website need a homepage?

Most users never visit the homepage for most websites; however, a website's homepage is still playing an important role for a website as it provides visitors a way to understand what your website offers. Therefore, it is an important part of a website. Abstractedly, a websites' homepage should include a link for a big website in all sections or to all pages. The most popular web pages on the website, contact information, and a firm phone number are all items that should be included on the front page.

Why does a browser need a home?

Finding things on the Internet was not easier or fast as it is in modern times, at the time when the internet and browsers were released for the first time. The main intention of creating of browser home was to navigate all browser's features easily so that people could find their favorite website or open their browser to web portals to get to what interests them. Although the browser's homepage is still using by many people every day, a search (e.g., Google) is using by more people in order to their homepage. And searching for what they have interests in and using bookmarks.

What is the homepage of a computer?

While the homepage of a computer is referred to by some users at the time, they see a screen after booting a computer. However, the homepage of a computer is more properly referred to as the desktop.

Should I use "homepage" or "home page" in my writing?

Generally speaking, home page or homepage styles are correct. However, when talking about the main page of a website, in modern times, most people and style guides use "homepage" (one word).

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