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What Does Compute Mean

The general meaning of the word 'Compute' is to calculate a figure or amount. For example, computing any given mathematical expression or computing the salary of an employee. In computer science, the word 'Compute' refers to those activities or workloads which need more processing resources than its available I/O resources and memory. The word 'compute' defines those objects and concepts, leading to the computation and processing operations in a computer system. In a computer system, the CPU is responsible for processing all the operations held on data, APU is used for performing the arithmetic calculations, and the GPU. All these three processing units are the compute resources of a computer system that enables the computation and execution of any program or application. On the other hand, graphics processing applications such as 3D rendering and video games are well known as the computer system's compute-intensive applications. In the modern technology era, one should know that compute is all around the globe, which means Compute is everywhere.

The word has also been encountered in concepts such as cloud computing, Edge Computing, or Big Data. These technologies refer to those resources which are being used in the server as well as data center spaces. Here, in cloud computing, the resources that are used for processing the data are known as Computer resources and are provided by the CPUs which operate and work together in clusters. These computing resources are the mandatory time slice tickets that are given to the needed clients. By using these tickets, the clients can easily access the allocated CPUs in the system. Memory resources, network resources, I/O resources, and storage resources are the partners of the compute resource. Thus, each computing activities require a combination of these partners and being omnipresent in any activity.

Compute on AWS

  • When talking about 'Compute' in cloud computing technology, AWS (Amazon Web Services) provides the concept of 'Compute on AWS' where it initiates for Virtual server hosting, serverless computing and Container management too.
  • AWS provides the best infrastructure for those workloads which need high availability with 76 AZ (Availability Zones) all across 24 regions globally.
  • The best part is that AWS provides 2x more regions having multiple availability zones as compared to the upcoming largest cloud provider.
  • AWS also offers options for edge computing as well as hybrid cloud computing.
  • It offers a comprehensive portfolio of compute services that let us develop, deploy, run and scale our applications and workloads in the most secured, powerful, secure, and innovative compute cloud.

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