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What is Video?

Generally, a video is used to generate a steady source of still pictures as it is a series of electronic signals, which simulate movement. Videos can be used for education, entertainment, or other purposes, which use pictures, graphics, or text. In modern times, there are various websites or webpages that contain streaming or downloadable video, which can be watched by the users on their computer or other similar devices. An example of a video is given below:

Formats of video files?

There are numerous video file formats available that can be used for videos, which provide different-different video quality. A list is given below that has some common kinds of video files.

  • .3GP: 3GP is a compression file format created by 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project), which is a basic version of MPEG-4 part 14 (MP4) format. It is used to compress audio, video, and other multimedia to save on disk space, bandwidth, and data usage. It often creates files for use with cell phones. There are different video players that can play this file format videos on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. The .3GP or .3G2 are the file extensions of the 3GP file format.
  • .MP4: MP4 is a file format that was introduced in 1998, which stands for MPEG-4 Part 14 and, it was agreed upon as a standard by the MPEG. It is an audio and video compression standard, commonly used to store video and audio as well as store subtitles and still images. Like the MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 standards, MPEG-4 reduces the file size as much as possible through codified methods for encoding audio and video. It provides some features, such as DRM (Digital Rights Management) support, various forms of interactivity, including features for 3D rendering with VRML.
  • .AVI: An AVI file is a sound and motion picture file, stands for Audio Video Interleaved that is used for video files under Microsoft Windows. The file size, 2 GB, is the maximum file size of an AVI file. AVI files have the extension .avi and need a special player to play the video files that may be require downloading or may be included with your Web browser.
  • .WebM: WebM provides open video compression for HTML5 videos that are based on the same video format, which uses the MKV file extension. It is a container format for audio and video data that is sponsored by Google Inc. as a WebM Project. Under a BSD license, it was put together to provide support and release WebM content that led to available in the market to users for free of cost. If any file has the WEBM file extension, it will be a WebM Video file. As the format is used on HTML5 websites for video streaming, therefore, most web browsers support WEBM files.
  • .MOV: MOV is a MPEG 4 video container file format introduced by Apple in 1998. It is a format of Apple's Quicktime program. An algorithm, Apple's proprietary compression, is used by MOV files, which can be opened with the help of using a video editor, compatible video program, or QuickTime.
  • .WMV: The WMV file extension is a video file format, which stands for Windows Media Video and is developed by Microsoft. It is a compressed video file format that supports different video codecs for streaming video over the Internet. The .WMV is the file extension of the WMV file. It contains video encoded with one of Microsoft's WMV proprietary codec and is the same as an. ASF file. Now WMV files can be played on different player software. In 1999, it was introduced as a competitor of the RealVideo format.
  • .FLV: An FLV encoder tool is native to the Adobe Flash player, which is commonly used to change audio and video into the FLV format. The .FLV is the file extension of the FLV file.

Why Video?

Video is an all-round and engaging content format that helps us in many different areas, such as advertisement, entertainment, keep a record, etc. It can be shared easily across multiple platforms, which provides us a real-life picture of what is going on. Businesses or marketers like videos as it can help to achieve their goal when they play their videos on many channels, through which millions of people will watch their videos at own place and would know about their product or other services. Also, with the internet, it is very easy to access the video by anyone in terms of watching and producing. However, on a professional level, most people like a high-quality video; anyone can create their own video a very few times and can hop onto their laptop to watch.

Types of video

In 2021, the number of consumers watching video content is high as compared to before. Over the past few years, video has emerged front-and-center, and then there is a big change in content marketing. Consider the given below points:

In the U.S., 85% of Internet users watch video content every month.

By 2021, the percentage of spending time watching videos every day by people has increased 19% from 2019.

Also, due to video content on social media, 93% of companies got a new customer.

63% of businesses say that the video helps to get better revenue according to investment.

There are numerous types of video; some are discussed below:

  1. Vlog: A vlog, or "video blog," is diary-style that looks great on a landing page. Typically, it is filmed by one person to express personal experience or thoughts on a specific topic in front of the camera. It is not very hard to shoot a short vlog with a basic script; you can use your smartphone or webcam. The simple concept of sharing your day at work is considered one of the best kinds of video content for vlogging.
  2. Behind the scenes: Most people love the scene type of videos, which pull back the required curtain on your business in order to build a connection between customers and potential customers and your brand. Think about shooting behind-the-scenes videos if you have insight into a project, situation, or process your consumers would be interested in. As compared to traditional videos, usually, these are less polished and integrate lots of raw footage. In terms of office, customers can see the design of your office, and if you are hosting a show, viewers can see how your team gets ready for work, how your team interacts with each other, and what your personalities are like, etc.
  3. Interview: Usually, interview videos are made to interact with one or more people in order to questioning and answering. This type of video allows you to align yourself with an interesting or inspiring person and can be fantastic for sharing your company's values. A good interview should not feel scripted, but it can follow a set of guidelines. The main work of an interviewer is to talk to other people; you should simply discuss hot topics, trends, and others.
  4. Product Review: One of the most helpful types of video content is a product review, especially for people who are new in the customer journey. These kinds of videos can be so successful because there are some customers who purchase products without consulting the internet, their friends, or both. Your audience feels trust in a highly convenient format about the product because they take information about the product from someone they like. With the help of reviewing products, you can describe to viewers the unique benefits of your products and can dispel doubts of consumers, answer common questions that help to satisfy customers. Also, all the information helps consumers to make the best decision for buying a product
  5. Webinar: Webinar is a tool that is used to describe a topic that addresses many people together. People attend virtual webinars to get information from your guests or by you about the topic useful for them. It is also a better place to promote with paid ads. For your webinar, Facebook ads can be used to drive sign-ups that help to make more sales from your service.

Benefits of Video Marketing

In modern times, it is very difficult to stand with your product or service in front of multiple competitors. Therefore, it is most important to find new, unique ways to run your business. Video marketing is a powerful part of a marketing strategy that helps you to make your product or service stand out in the crowd of marketers.

As almost all people have a busy schedule, so people would not want to spend much time on the video; they will often prefer to watch a short video like 2 minutes of video instead of watching 15 minutes to read the same information. There are various advantages of video marketing; some are given below:

Video increases conversion rates

According to HubSpot, the video should be seen in the form of investment; adding a video on a landing page can absolutely influence buying behavior and convince another visitor by telling all information that he watched in the video. Thus, it helps to increase conversions by 80% through watching a compelling presenter in a video as video helps to convey people and it the best tool to conveying the right emotions. Also, they can help you in terms of tutorials or testimonials.

Helps in Email marketing campaigns

In a day, we get many emails but do not open all emails due to our busy schedule. Therefore, it is an increasing challenge. You can increase open rates and decrease unsubscribe rates with the help of video. A staggering statistic in an email, video leads to a 200-300% increase in click-through rate. But in most cases, as compared to sit and read text, it is easier to watch a video. Especially, it is beneficial when you are reviewing any product because in this case, you cannot express everything about the product only by writing as compared to making a complete video with practical.

Search engines love video

Search engines look for the content that makes viewer satisfy, which attracts longer page view just like a video. Also, behind Google, the second largest search engine is YouTube. In terms of showing up video, your visibility and opportunity to show the video is greatly increased if you upload your video on the website as well as on YouTube. Also, you can promote your video through social media that can help you to get maximum return of investment.

Video builds trust and credibility

Video enables you to earn your viewer's trust and connect with them easily, which is the best solution to create a personality for your brand and your organization. In the decision process, product videos are more helpful, according to 90% of users. Videos help to build a foundation of trust by educating and informing your customers, which also helps to increase sales.

Video encourages social shares

One of the best chances to spread information about your company, product, or service is viral videos. Your video may be viral as around 92% of mobile customers share videos with others, which help to make popular you or your project.

Disadvantages of Video Advertising

Although video might be the best way to promote your business or product and a great medium for marketing, it cannot be the same against a similar product or company that uploads quality text and pictures. A bad video can impact your company's reputation as well as growth. Below are given some potential disadvantages with video advertising:

  • The market is saturated: Although, as compared to past time, video advertising has a lower cost of entry, it may create a disadvantage because there are new free tools available now, such as free-to-use hosting platforms and low-cost cameras through which anyone can make a video.
  • Video doesn't promote itself: As there are a huge number of videos available online that create difficulties to get the best result. That means you cannot hope for the best as it is not easy to promote a video only by uploading it. Here, marketers are required to market their own advertising tools with the help of sharing them.
  • A commercial is still a commercial: You may not expect a strong conversion if your video is strictly advertisement-based. The ad viewability is a large part of ad conversion. There is a conflict that around 65% of consumers do not watch commercial ads; they skip them while watching videos.

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