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What things to do when bored on the Internet

With the Internet, the options are virtually limitless. Boredom should be avoided at all costs. Although on the Internet, there is a lot of strange and great stuff, not everything goes viral or is searchable via Google.

What things to do when bored on the Internet

You will come across some interesting new forums, online communities, new blogs, websites, social networks, webcomics, etc. I have tried to find a balance between the "useful" and the "time-wasters," despite the title says "fun things to do. The following is a comprehensive overview of our top Internet activities, which you can follow when you feel bored while surfing the internet.

Learning and research

The Internet is a wealth of knowledge that may be utilised to find answers to problems, learn something new, or learn more about a topic in which you are interested. You can locate anything with the help of using any prominent search engine, or you can use one of the links below.

Wikipedia: Wikipedia is a website that contains a lot of information related to almost every field. Wikipedia, the Encyclopedia of life, and the Wikibooks are all excellent examples of community-driven wikis with a plethora of content contributed by users. You can use the below link for further information.

E-books: On the internet, thousands of books have been digitized and are now accessible as e-books. An eBook, often known as an e-book, is a book that has been published in digital form, which stands for electronic book. It allows the users to download a book and read it right away online. On a tablet, an e-reader, a smartphone, or a computer, you may read the book easily.

There are many sites available with free eBook; such are as follows:

  • Project Gutenberg: There are over 16,000 free eBooks accessible for reading both online and offline. You can click on this link for more information,
  • Google Books: A free Google tool that allows you to search through hundreds of thousands of books and periodicals, both free and paid. You may use this link,, to search any kinds of books or and publications.
  • FreeTechBooks: Here, you will find thousands of free books about artificial intelligence, mathematics, computers, programming, and related topics. Use this link for further information,
  • O'Reilly Open Books: O'Reilly is one of the most well-known publishers of computer books, which started out by producing a number of computer-related publications. You can use the below link to go further:
  • Bookboon: Bookboon is another fantastic site that makes you able to download hundreds of textbooks, school, business, and travel books in PDF format. The link is given below to visit this site:
  • 25 Free Computer Science Books: This is a fantastic post with some of the top free computer science books accessible. The link is given below,
  • Wikibooks: Wikimedia provides an excellent service by bringing a collective effort in the creation of books that may be modified and made by anyone. The link for Wikibooks is here,
  • DevFree Books: Free computer software development books that have been well-curated and arranged. You can go with this link,, for further information.

Academic Earth and Khan Academy

Both Academic Earth and Khan Academy have hundreds of online lectures available on a range of topics.

Start a Journal or Blog

Journaling is an age-old practice that has a plethora of mental and psychological advantages. The only change now is where we store our diaries and how we write them; we now use apps or even blog our thoughts rather than using physical notebooks; we now use apps or even blog our thoughts. It makes no difference what you write as long as you take it seriously and write down your true feelings. It will become a habit if you do it for a month. You will start to see the result, slowly but surely, if you maintain this for a few more months.

Multimedia - Music, radio, podcasts, videos, vlogs, and webcam

Multimedia websites are growing increasingly popular day by day as more people use broadband. Although modem users can undertake practically all of the things below, a poor connection may make them less pleasurable. The following are some of our favorite multimedia-related web pages.


You can watch videos because watching videos is a great method to pass the time, as well as they are passive. For watching videos, you do not require to do anything; simply relax and zone out, then wake up when the video is finished. Continue for as long as you would like. On the Internet, videos are also becoming a popular form of entertainment. It's not necessary for videos to be thoughtless to be enjoyable! YouTube has a multitude of educational and entertaining channels.

What things to do when bored on the Internet

These sorts of films are great to watch while you are bored on the internet since they may help you to learn something new, expand your mind, educate you on new concepts, and even help you become more observant and compassionate. Here are a few places where you may view a variety of video genres.

  • Google video, YouTube, and Vimeo: For posting and viewing videos online, Google Video, YouTube, and Vimeo are excellent places to start. Below is given links for all sites.
    Google video:
  • We highly recommend starting at TED if you want to watch educational and exciting videos. The link is given here for visiting TED,
  • Watch TV shows and movies on the Internet: On the internet, you may watch TV shows and movies. When you are bored on the internet, you can watch movies, TV series, and other videos related to TV shows and movies.
  • VideoSift, eBaum's World, and tv are three additional fantastic sites with user communities that find and vote on the best videos. The link for all sites is given below:
    eBaum's World:
  • If you enjoy watching or playing video games, you can watch and engage with millions of other individuals playing computer games on sites like Twitch. Link-
  • Homestarrunner: A website that features a collection of short animated comedy videos that are frequently entertaining and insightful. The link for the Homestarrunner site is,


You may look into practically any corner of the world with an online webcam. There are a number of services and millions of internet cameras that allow individuals all over the world to communicate through webcam.

  • EarthCam: In our view, this is the greatest place to locate live webcams from across the world. The link for the EarthCam site is,

Images and Art

  • Flickr: On the Internet, Flickr is by far one of the most well-known and well-respected image-sharing services, allowing anybody to publish, share, and view photos of nearly anything. Link,
  • DeviantArt: It is a terrific site with a large selection of community-created art and photographs. Link,

Learn a Hobby

Picking up a new pastime is one of the most innovative things you can do when you are bored on the internet. Thanks to modern internet trends, you may easily grasp a variety of interests and convert them into a source of extra money (such as your own stock photos, podcasts, mobile apps, YouTube videos, etc.).

You have the option of ignoring money and concentrating exclusively on happiness. Photography, drawing, writing, and gardening are some of the good ones to pursue.

If you are not interested in traditional "artistic" activities, consider these more nerdy pastimes. Game creation and mobile app development are examples of software-oriented projects, whereas carpentry and Arduino projects are examples of hardware-oriented projects.

Explore Reddit

Visit Reddit, the world's most popular time-wasting website, when everything else fails. Have you heard of it before? Hundreds of thousands of user-created communities may be found on Reddit.

Users can start new Subreddits at any time, and each community (known as Subreddit) can focus on any topic or idea. You can search for humorous videos, memes, financial, personal development, and other topics in forums.

Become a YouTube Celebrity

To start sharing your thoughts with the rest of the world, all you need is a free YouTube account and a camera phone. You could even be able to make some money if you gain enough followers.

Communicate in chat, e-mail, forums, IM, blogs, and VoIP

One of the most popular uses of the Internet is to communicate with family, friends, and other people all over the world. There are various techniques through which you can communicate with your known, as seen below.

Social networking

For Internet users of all ages, the most popular destination is social networking sites, which allow you to create an online identity and connect with all of your current and previous family members, friends, coworkers, or other known. Facebook and Twitter are excellent places to begin communication and are also some of the most popular social networking sites today.

However, there are many social networking sites available that you can use. Examples of social networks are given below:

What things to do when bored on the Internet
  • Classmates: One of the most popular websites to connect with high school friends and organizing future reunions is Classmates (
  • DeviantArt: It is a platform for people to showcase their creative artwork. DeviantArt (
  • Instagram: It is a photo-sharing application and service for Android, Windows Phone, as well as iPhone. Instagram (
  • LinkedIn: One of, if not the greatest, places that allow you to keep in touch with current and former employees, as well as potential employers. LinkedIn (
  • Mastodon: With more than two million users, Mastodon is a federated social microblogging network. Every Mastodon user has the ability to operate their own node (social subdomain) with their own theme and set of rules. Mastodon (
  • Mix: It is also an online community where people may vote on which websites they like and dislike. Users may also create personal pages for websites they find interesting using Mix. (
  • MySpace: It was formerly one of the most popular social media platforms. Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe established Myspace in July 2003 as an online community where users could communicate and share their music, diaries, photographs, and hobbies with their friends. MySpace (
  • Pinterest: It is a popular picture and video sharing website where users may share photographs, create collections, and more. Pinterest (


Chat is a live or real-time text-based communication system that allows communication with other people who share your interests in real-time via text. Any written text sent to someone in the chat, for example, is immediately received by the other participants. E-mail and other text-based communications, on the other hand, are not real-time methods of communication.


By far, the most prevalent way of communication on the Internet is e-mail. Consider setting up a webmail account if you want an additional e-mail address and do not have an e-mail address. Some companies and Internet service providers provide webmail as a cloud-based solution. For people who use numerous devices or are frequently away from their computers, webmail is an excellent alternative.

Forums and bulletin boards

A bulletin board (BB or Bboard), discussion forum, discussion board, and forum allow hundreds or even thousands of individuals to join in something they like by posting questions, messages, and other forms of communication. In other words, a forum is a place where people can post text messages to share their views, thoughts, or help. In contrast to chat rooms, forums are almost never active and may be browsed at any time.


VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Users with internet access can use VoIP to communicate with others all over the world, in the same way, they would with a phone. It is also known as Internet telephony, Internet phone, or IP telephone. A telephone is connected to a network cable rather than a phone line to make a call, or a connection is made through a computer.

Get fit, find a date, or locate a social event

Find a date

A variety of online dating and social networking platforms are available to help users create new relationships. PlentyOfFish is one of our favourite places that offer both.

Away from the computer

Many web services provide listings of local meetings, events, and reviews in your region. Meetup ( and Yelp ( are two of our favorites.

Directions, maps, and geographic information

On the internet, finding directions and maps to almost any area on the world is also becoming a popular. A map is a broad phrase for directions that help people find their way around the planet.

Shop online stores and auctions

On the internet, shopping is another common and pleasurable Internet pastime. A few popular online auction sites, stores, and other retail-related pages are included below.

What things to do when bored on the Internet
  • Giveaway of the Day: A fantastic site where you may get something for free every day.
  • CamelCamelCamel: It is a service and website that analyses and plots product pricing histories on Newegg, Amazon, and Best Buy in order to assist you find the best deal.
  • Woot: Every day, Woot lists the best offer on the Internet. Woot -
  • FindGift: A great place to obtain gift ideas or find one-of-a-kind gifts for everyone and any occasion.
  • eBay: On the internet, eBay allows anyone to buy and sell nearly anything to millions of people all over the world, as it is the Internet's most popular auction platform and website. eBay,
  • Google shopping: Google Shopping allows users to search millions of different online businesses for the cheapest price on nearly any goods, which is formerly known as Froogle.
  • Amazon: It is the Internet's largest shopping site, selling many items like apparel, games, books, DVDs, electronics, etc.

Improve yourself

Practice in which you are not excellent at or watch how-to videos to improve yourself and your abilities. A variety of examples are provided below.

  • You can ask questions and receive answers on any subject in a range of fields. For instance, learn to play an instrument, how to dance, improve in a sport, a new language, or how to dance.
  • HowStuffWorks: If you have ever wondered how anything works, HowStuffWorks is the place to go. HowStuffWorks investigates the world's inner workings.
  • Mental_floss: Mental floss is another excellent website that offers daily intriguing tidbits of information, brainteasers, and other entertaining activities.
  • Learn to type: Do you have a slow typing speed? Practice typing and have a look at our tips for improving your typing speed.

Radio or streaming audio

Another excellent option for internet consumers is Internet radio and streaming music. In modern times, many music player programmes incorporate a radio function, like iTunes player, Winamp, and Microsoft Windows Media Player. When you open these programmes, you can listen to radio stations for almost any sort of music you can think of.

What things to do when bored on the Internet

There are also additional possibilities, such as listening to streaming of local radio stations. A list of some of these sites is provided below.

  • Pandora: It is a terrific website that allows you to pick a favourite song or artist and build a live radio station on the basis of those songs.
  • Live365, Radio-locator, and Slacker all are great options for locating top-rated streaming music and radio stations.
  • fm: Another excellent resource for learning more about, discovering related artists, listening to radio stations, musicians, and more.

Find and purchase music

Downloading music has become a highly popular pastime on the Internet since the advent of MP3 files. A short list of services that allow users to legally download music from tens of thousands of artists is provided below.

  • Napster, iTunes, and Amazon MP3 are all excellent music platforms that allows the users to browse, buy, and download music legally.

Music lyrics

The lyrics to any of your favourite songs may be found on a number of different pages. Go to to get the lyrics to your favourite songs. The link is here to visit a site for lyrics of any song,

Podcasts and talk radio

A podcast (often abbreviated as pod) is a digital audio broadcast disseminated via the Internet, often known as an audio blog. It is commonly downloaded to an MP3 player, such as an iPod, or listened to on a computer. Podcasting is an audio file that may be played on any computer or portable audio device that can play MP3 files. It is frequently made available in.MP3 format. Talk radio and internet podcasts shows are radio broadcasts in which one or more people discuss a topic they are interested in, such as news or service.


Vlogging is a type of blog in which a person (vlogger) talks about their hobbies, current events, or anything personal. Instead of text, a vlog is a video. However, it is similar to a blog. A podcast, vlog, or video blogging is another name for it. Vlogs are currently accepted by several blog providers. The most popular blogging platform is YouTube.

TV and movie research

IMDb, which stands for Internet movie database, is one of the most interesting and useful websites in order to provide information for movies like the name of the director, awards, cast name, year made, and more. If you want to see movie posters from 1913, go visit IMP Awards. The Internet Movie and Television Database (IMSDb) is a fantastic place to start if you want to get the full script of movies.

What things to do when bored on the Internet

Games and entertainment

Another popular Internet pastime that people of all ages love is playing online games. A website is used to access several online games. A list of some of these sites are as follows:

  • Valve launched Steam on September 12, 2003, which is a free or low-cost online digital distribution network that allows anybody to download games and updates. The steam allows users to download games for free of cost or at a low cost to their PCs. Steam is one of the few digital distribution platforms in that it allows both major and small game studios to sell their products. Steam permits modifications, have a big user base and provides a wide range of free games.
  • Newgrounds, Shockwave, MSN Games, iWin, Miniclip are all fantastic websites with a number of free online games for people of all ages. Generally, these are made in Java, Shockwave, or Flash and they may be played right in your browser without the need of downloading, and installing anything.
    MSN Games (,
    Miniclip (
  • Second Life is an intriguing online environment where you may freely interact with hundreds of thousands of other actual people who have constructed homes, shops, clothing, worlds, and more (
  • FreeSlots is a fun and addicting website where you may play a variety of online slot machines for free of cast. (
  • Hundreds of thousands of comics are available online, including Penny-arcade, Dilbert, and xkcd.
  • Another amusing site is Google Fight, which allows you to compete against one other with the help of entering any two words or phrases. The number of Google results returned determines the winner. (

There are tens of thousands more gaming sites on the internet. When you search for "online games" or "flash games," you will get an almost infinite amount of results on the search page.

Surf and find popular pages

Going from one page to the next when surfing the Internet is something that most individuals do on a regular basis. Reddit is a great place to start looking for interesting articles to read.

Finally, if you're looking for something, think about going out and looking for it. It is almost certain that if you can conceive of it, it's available on the Internet.

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