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How to Connect Computer to TV

Generally, people who love to watch movies or videos on big screens with high volume prefer to connect the computer with TV. When we connect the computer to the TV, we can watch movies, videos, or other things on the big screen. Also, the gamers who like to play games on big monitors, connect their computer with television to play. However, it is an easy and simple task that one can do in just a few minutes. Earlier it was not an easy job to make such connections, and today in the presence of modern technologies with modern computer systems, it has become possible to create such connections

Here, we will learn the methods through which we can connect a computer to the TV. We can connect a computer to a television, either wirelessly or using wired connections.

Connecting Computer to TV using Wired Connections

Using HDMI

HDMI or High-Definition Multimedia Interface is one of the easiest methods to connect a computer system to the TV. In laptops or desktop PCs, there are different kinds of connections and adapters present. Such as if you have a too old computer or TV, there will be various options available to make such connections. So, you can check out the specs available that matches your system features. Generally, in all modern systems, HDMI ports are available varying in sizes. It means either your system will have full-sized HDMI or mini/micro HDMI, or both. These ports are present at the sides of the laptop and at the backside of the CPU. A HDMI cable looks like:

How to Connect Computer to TV

An advantage of HDMI cable is that it can deal and handle the audio and video easily. If you do not have the HDMI cable, you can purchase it from the market.

There are following steps through which we can connect a computer to a TV using HDMI cable:

Step 1) Find out the HDMI port on the laptop as well as on the TV. Both HDMI ports on the devices will be similar, and the HDMI cable has the precisely same connectors on both ends. Attach the cable in its respective ports and make a male-to-male HDMI connection.

How to Connect Computer to TV

Note: If more number of HDMI ports are available on the devices, check out the port number in which you are connecting.

Step 2) Now, use your TV remote or TV buttons and press the INPUT button in order to change the input as HDMI instead of TV. In some televisions, it automatically recognizes and changes the input to HDMI.

How to Connect Computer to TV

Step 3) Open the 'Display Settings' on the desktop by right-clicking anywhere on the desktop screen, as shown in the below snapshot:

How to Connect Computer to TV

Step 4) The 'Settings' window will open. Click on the 'Detect' button present on the screen that will enable the computer to know that it is connected with TV.

How to Connect Computer to TV

Select the TV option from the display numbers where 1 display the primary display and 2 displays that it is the tv display, or you are connected to more than two displays.

Step 5) If you are confused about the label number, you can click on the 'Identify' button that will let you know the number which is assigned to your computer display and the number assigned to your tv.

How to Connect Computer to TV

Step 6) Click on the 'Multiple Displays' drop-down box and choose the option for the way you want to display your computer system on the television. You will see the below options in the drop-down list as:

  • Duplicate these displays: This option will mirror your system on the TV.
  • Extend these displays: Such option selection will make your tv as an extended part of your desktop.
  • Show only on 1: If you select this option, it will turn off display number 2.
  • Show only on 2: It is the opposite of the above option, where it will turn off display number 1.

Step 7) Choose the appropriate option and click on the 'Apply' button. When you do so, it will apply on the monitor and change the display settings. Now, your computer will be connected to your TV. In order to make some advanced settings, click on the label number and click on 'Advanced display settings'. It will help you to make further settings regarding the chosen display.

How to Connect Computer to TV

Using DVI or VGA

VGA and DVI connectors are used for the transmission of videos from source to its destination, such as transmitting video from a computer to any projector or television. VGA stands for Videos Graphics Adapter, and DVI stands for Digital Video Interface. The VGA connector cables are able to carry only the analog signals. On the other hand, DVI is a new connector cable that is able to carry analog and digital signals with more sharper and better display performance. The steps to connect a computer to the television using DVI or VGA cables are similar to the steps that were discussed for the HDMI connection.

Connecting Computer to TV using wireless connections

Using Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology connection that enables to make an internet connection on the device. In order to connect your tv with the computer, we need to connect our tv with a Wi-Fi connection.

There are following steps we need to follow to connect our computer with tv using a Wi-Fi connection:

Step 1) You need to enable the Wi-Fi mode on the television. Use your television remote or buttons to search out the Wi-Fi settings and enable it. Connect your computer and tv with the same Wi-Fi connection.

How to Connect Computer to TV
How to Connect Computer to TV

Step 2) Right-click anywhere on the desktop and click on 'Display settings' and the Display settings page will open, as shown in the below snapshot:

How to Connect Computer to TV

Step 3) Click on the 'Multiple Displays' drop-down box and choose 'Duplicate this display' option under it.

Step 4) Now, click on the 'Apply' button.

Step 5) Open 'Settings' on Windows by pressing the Windows button or search 'Settings' on the search bar. The windows settings page will open, as shown in the below snapshot:

How to Connect Computer to TV

Step 6) Select and click on 'Devices' option from the 'Windows settings' as shown in the below snapshot:

How to Connect Computer to TV

Step 7) Now, the 'Devices settings' page will open and click on the 'Add Bluetooth' or other device (+) button, and a new window will open with three options in which you have to choose the device type that you want to add. Here, you need to select 'Wireless display' and click on it as shown below:

How to Connect Computer to TV
How to Connect Computer to TV

Step 8) The computer will start searching and recognize the device, and when it finds the TV connection, it will appear on the screen. The computer will automatically get connected to your selected device. Finally, you will be able to connect your computer to the TV.

These are the method through which you can connect your computer to your television and enjoy visibility on a bigger display.

Troubleshooting Devices

If any problem is occurring while making the device's connection, we need to take care of the following points:

  • Choose the correct cables or adapters for making the connection. It is because sometimes the cables are workable, but it may not be correct for holding audio and video signals. So, ensure to purchase the audio/visual cable only.
  • Ensure that you have made proper cable connections on both devices. It is because if cables are loosely connected to the ports or connected in the wrong ports, the connection may not be proper. Also, if you are using DVI and VGA cable connection, take care that the screws are tightly screwed.
  • Make sure that the devices (computer and tv are full-on volume), i.e., both devices should not be on mute. In case, the volume is up and still you are not able to hear any volume, change the audio output. To change the audio output, right-click on the 'sound icon' present on the bottom-right corner of the taskbar. Open the 'sound settings' and choose your appropriate output device.
  • If none of the points work out, the last option is to restart your computer as well as tv so that it can detect the new display connection.
  • At last, if you find your 'HDMI not supported' error message, it means your computer and tv have different display settings for resolution.

Thus, using the above-described methods, we can connect the computer and tv and solve out the problem if it occurs.

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