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What is Apple Touch Icon?

What is Apple Touch Icon

The Apple touch icon, also known as the apple-touch-icon.png file, is used as a web page icon on the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, much like the Favicon. This symbol is utilized whenever a user bookmarks or adds a website to their home screen. These Apple products fall back to a snapshot of the website, which is frequently little more than a white square if this file cannot be located.

Unless the location is supplied in the HTML, this file should be a.png with 57 by 57 dimensions and be located in the home directory. An illustration of the way this tag may look in your HTML is shown below.

When using this file, Apple products, by default, give the symbol rounded edges like a button.

How to Make one and Apply it to Your Website

Having the right icon will enhance the likelihood that it will be clicked more frequently and make it much easier for the user to recall where it is on the device. Once you've chosen a straightforward element or your brand to serve as an Apple icon, generate a square.png file of it with a name like "apple-touch-icon" and measurements up to 180180. We say up to 180180 since the first iPhone's basic size is 5757 and the iPhone 6 Plus requires a 180180 symbol due to its enhanced display and PPI. There are nine distinct major sizes for Apple icons (pixels per inch).

Alternatively, if your website is built on WordPress, you can utilize this plugin created by the same author or this helpful website to create the Apple symbol and even test its operation.

Ensure that the icon or icons in the header are defined as well by using the following HTML examples as examples:

This will ensure that the symbol is recognized by the proper iOS device and that your visitors have a seamless viewing experience.

How to insert apple touch icons in WordPress?

Please follow these procedures in order to add your apple-touch-icons.

Step 1) Copy the code below and put it into your functions.php file. By using this code, you can add apple touch icons to your website.

Step 2) After that, you must make each icon in the required sizes (please see the specific sizes attribute within the code below).

Step 3) Finally, you must update the icon paths to the locations where your icons are kept.

How to Make a Responsive Website's Apple Touch Icon?

An Apple Touch Icon is utilized when a consumer saves your website to their iOS touch screen device's home screen or bookmarks it. Apple will employ a screenshot of your website as an icon if you do not specify one, which frequently results in an unrecognizable square. We will show you how to develop a unique Apple Touch Icon for your user-friendly website so that you don't force your customers to see a subpar Apple icon.

Make an Apple Touch icon

Your Apple Touch Icon must be made in Photoshop or another image editor in the initial stage. The file should be saved as "apple-touch-icon.png" and should be 180 by 180 pixels in size.

Add your website's Apple Touch icon file.

The next step is to upload your Apple Touch Icon document to your website. You may put it anywhere you like, however, we advise storing it in your primary pictures folder. Due to the fact that we will be using it in the next phase, keep track of where you stored your file.

By utilizing a Link Element, define your Apple Touch Icon.

The last step is to identify and name your latest Apple Touch Icon in a link element that you add to the HEAD element of your page.

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