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What jobs are available in the computer industry?

At one time, manufacturing employed as many as one-fourth of all Americans. The United States workforce was dominated by iron and coal throughout the Industrial Revolution. In modern times, however, it appears like there are more people mining cryptocurrency as compared to mining coal.

What jobs are available in the computer industry

Our economy was changed rapidly when the Information Age arrived in the late twentieth century, moving away from reliance on traditional industry and toward reliance on computers and digital information. Paths have been created for an influx of technology professions requiring competent digital natives-computer lovers like you, as the need for automation and improved technology continues to rise.

As technology has become a necessity in today's digital economy; therefore, careers in computers and technology are becoming more industry-agnostic. There are numerous computer-related jobs to select from, ranging from high tech and business to healthcare and even manufacturing.

The following list was compiled for those who are unsure about which field to pursue but enjoy computers. Each section has a job description, eligibility criteria, and suggestions for how to proceed if you are interested in the computer field.

Salary information varies widely on the basis of the company and its location; therefore, salary information is not included on this page. However, it is reasonable to assume that a higher salary corresponds to greater difficulty and experience requirements. For a basic overview of pay ranges, consult your local classified ads (newspaper) or online salary sources.

Although many of these jobs feature entry-level positions, they provide a wide range of certifications and prerequisites. As your first computer career, or if you want to get your foot in the door, consider going with the job of freelancer, data entry, sales, quality assurance, or technical support. There are numerous jobs available in the computer field, which are as follows:

3D animation or graphic design

Description: It is a position in which you work with a team of other designers in order to design and develop graphic or 3D animations for movies, web pages, software programs, and games. Working on existing graphics, animations, and videos developed by others may be part of the job description.

Requirements: An applicant for this position must have skills in design and visual creation, which is not something most people can learn in training or study in school. Additionally, the applicant should be familiar with the software packages that are used to generate 3D animations or visual designs.

Recommendations: Learn how to use major graphics tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and other applications needed to take pictures or edit photos if you want to go into the graphic design field. Also, it is a good idea to have a portfolio of your work if you are applying for a design or animation job.

Difficulty: (MEDIUM - HIGH) the programs used to create a graphic typically necessitate prior expertise or study, and many of the programs are used in order to make a graphic, edit a photo, or build a 3D render are complicated.

Customer service

Description: Customers ask questions you related about the company, such as account information or status, order status, and ordering, and more.

Requirements: For this kind of position, you need to have good communication skills, as well as a broad understanding of the firm and its goods.

Recommendations: This is an excellent place to start for anyone looking to get their foot in the door of a corporation. You will have a higher chance of acquiring the job you desire once you have begun working for a corporation.

Difficulty: (LOW) The ability to traverse the company's system and basic computer skills are only required for customer service positions, but employees need to have more knowledge about technical areas.

Data entry

Description: In this type of job, an employee needs to gather information from a hard copy or any other source and put it into an electronic format on the computer with the help of using the required software. You may also have another option by taking electronic data and entering it into a database for easier sorting and locating.

Requirements: This role needs basic computer proficiency, typing speed of 40-50 words per minute (WPM), and experience with word programs.

Recommendations: Generally, you need to have a high typing speed for this position. To assess your total typing speed, you must practice typing and take online typing tests, which really help to enhance your overall speed.

Difficulty: (LOW) There is no more hardness in getting this job. This role needs little or no prior experience or formal education as the majority of data entry jobs are entry-level positions.


Description: Mechanical and electronic devices are designed as well as implemented by engineers. Engineering necessitates at the very least a number of certificates or a college diploma because it is a large and tough industry. The engineer is normally specified in the job need, despite the fact that the term is used widely on this page. For instance, a person who has a higher knowledge of computer programming may be a software development engineer.

Requirements: On the basis of the engineering field in which you are interested, the qualifications for this employment will vary. However, as previously stated, any engineering job is a broad and difficult industry and requires a thorough understanding of the subject area, which can be acquired from years of experience, training, schools, or certifications.

Recommendations: The subject in which you are interested, get education and training about this subject. This can be obtained from the internet, books, colleges, and other sources. You need to get an experience in many engineering positions in order to get a job in engineering fields. Therefore, getting an entry-level job in the same industry is a good option. For case, you need to write programs or seek a programming job if you want to become a software engineer. Also, look for a job that needs work with professional networks you to set up and maintain if you want to become a network engineer. By configuring your home network, you can start your learning for being a network engineer.

Difficulty: (HIGH) An engineering field is very large as well as difficult, which requires require experience or a degree.

Electronics technician or engineer

Description: In this position, you are required to testing, assembling, as well as repairing electronic devices or equipment.

Requirements: This post requires solid understanding of both basic and advanced electronics.

Recommendations: You can either get self-teach with the help of developing an electronic system or device or a formal education in electronics and electro-mechanical engineering.

Difficulty: (HIGH) It is a position in which several years of formal study or on-the-job experience are needed in order to develop a thorough understanding of electronics.


Description: Database is a job that needs creation of the database, testing it, as well as upkeep of one or more databases.

Requirements: If you want to get a database job, you must be familiar with or have significant knowledge of databases. For instance, you should have knowledge about MySQL, FoxPro, Access, and Sybase database systems.

Recommendations: You should be familiar with the company's database. Also, you will require a thorough understanding of the programming language that goes with a database if you are working on the ongoing development of a database. This information is frequently acquired through experience or formal schooling.

Difficulty: (MEDIUM - HIGH) When you will do a database job, you could find difficulties while creating and maintaining a database as it is a tough and time-consuming task. Most organizations will only consider you if you have prior experience or formal education.

Freelancer or virtual assistant

Description: Anyone may apply for the positions of freelancer all over the world, and anyone may become a freelancer. Thanks to the Internet as it plays a vital role in becoming a freelancer.

Requirements: For a freelancer, a computer is needed that has a high-speed Internet connection.

Recommendations: It is not easy to make a precise recommendation as there are so many freelancing jobs available online. However, it is more difficult to stick to a routine, and there are more distractions; therefore, keep in mind that working from home might be challenging. Also, you need to always work for the amount of money you believe your time is worth and establish a rigid work plan.

Difficulty: (LOW - HIGH) Lower difficulty or higher difficulty relies on the job you apply for. For example, there are higher difficulties with positions such as freelance programming and lower difficulties with jobs such as customer service.


Description: Hardware is a position in which you are needed to parts of a hardware device or design and build a complete hardware package. The circuit design, hardware designer, firmware, embedded systems, all positions come under the hardware job.

Requirements: You need to have a better understanding of firmware, design, circuits, or electronics for the job that developing or constructing hardware devices. You must have a degree in the field to be considered for this position, as well as several years of prior experience.

Recommendations: We recommend getting a degree in this field if you really want to do a job in the hardware field.

Difficulty: (HIGH) There is high complexity to getting the job in the hardware field unless you have the expertise or a degree in hardware design.

Networking or system administrator

Description: Designing, setting up, and maintaining a network are all parts that come under the job of computer networking.

Requirements: Although, in modern times, the majority of users have a home network. It is very difficult to set up, troubleshoot, and maintain a business network. A thorough understanding of how a network operates is also required for a networking job. Also, it necessitates underlying protocols and structure in some circumstances.

Recommendations: In modern eras, there are different kinds of network and network-related certifications available like MCSE, CCNA, and others, which can be done in order to get a job in the networking field. For most network positions, certifications are frequently sufficient to qualify you on the basis of the degree of certifications and the job. For example, networking experience or a degree may be required for the hardware development or programming side.

Difficulty: (MEDIUM - HIGH) The difficulty of this job is usually determined on the basis of the job specifications and the network's complexity.

Programmer or software developer

Description: This is the job that includes the creation, maintenance, and ongoing development of a software program.

Requirements: A fundamental understanding of a programming language to a comprehensive comprehension of a programming language. Most employment role necessitate several years of experience or a degree since they demand the ability to assist in the development of a program.


Generally, a developer is characterized as someone who works on the back end of software over the internet.

Recommendations: You need to learn one or more programming languages, which will help to develop the software programs. The language you need to learn depends upon what kind of scripts or programs you want to create. You can search a list of popular programming languages and the programs on the internet. Also, you can learn about what programming language will be used to create a software program that you want to develop. Creating software programs or contributing to an open-source project is an excellent method if you want to learn a language and you need experience. Also, demonstrate your abilities in a job interview.

Difficulty: (HIGH) There is higher complexity to be a software developer. As compared to other languages, it is very difficult to learn a programming language. Furthermore, if you want to become a proficient programmer, there is required a lot of practice and experience.

Quality assurance, system analyst, or tester

Description: For this position, there is needed to test all of a product's features for any flaws or usability difficulties.

Requirements: If you want to do job in the role of quality assurance, system analyst, or tester, you need to know a lot about computer software, hardware, and the product you are going to test.

Recommendations: We suggest you learn more about the hardware, software, computers, as well as the company's goods.

Difficulty: (LOW - MEDIUM) The difficulty of this job is determined on the basis of what is being tested and how comprehensive the troubleshooting procedure is. However, users will have little trouble discovering and reporting difficulties if they are familiar with the product or similar items.

Repair and fix

Description: Repair and fix is a job in which you need to repair and fix computer equipment as well as computers. Generally, this job overcomes the computer hardware problems with the help of removing a bad component from the computer and replacing this equipment with a good one.

Requirements: If you want to do a job in the field of repairing and fixing a computer, you are required to learn troubleshooting skills, as well as a good understanding of computer hardware, disassembly, and suitable equipment.

Recommendations: You should disassemble and reassemble a computer or build a computer. Also, you need to study all components of the computer or be familiar with the software, hardware, and the company's products.

Difficulty: (MEDIUM - HIGH) The difficulty for this job is medium to high. A thorough understanding of computer disassembly is needed for this profession. Also, it requires an understanding of what may be repaired and how to repair or replace computer equipment.


Description: In the computer job industry, selling a service or product to a business or an individual is a profession.

Requirements: If you want to do business in selling products, you must have a basic comprehension of technology and better communication skills, as it is said that communication is the backbone of the business. Also, you need to have an understanding of the goods being offered.

Recommendations: You are required to learn about all aspects of the product if you are selling computer software, computer hardware, as well as a computer system. If you want to learn about computers, there are so many sites like Javatpoint that are a great source for learning about computers. Also, you can go to the special website and learn everything about its product if you are selling a specialized product made by the company.

Difficulty: (LOW) For this job, there is no high difficulty. You only need to learn more about computers and learn about computer software, hardware, electronics, or related things. It will really help you to run the business of selling computers.

Technical support (technician or help desk)

Description: Technical support is a position in the computer industry in which an employee needs to help a customer or a company person if they get stuck with their computer, computer hardware, software program, etc. If you want to do a job in the computer field, a great first step is a technical support role.

Requirements: The user needs to have fundamental knowledge about computers, computer hardware, components, as well as computer software.

Recommendations: We suggest you get a lot of experience with computers, computer equipment, computer all hardware, and computer software. Although when you go to any technical support centers for doing the job, almost all centers offer you training first, the majority of them nevertheless demand you to be computer literate.

Typically, corporate help desks lack training; these professions necessitate a thorough understanding of computers and the ability to repair computer issues.

Difficulty: (LOW - MEDIUM) There is no high difficulty to get these positions. The training you get is the key to determining the level of difficulty of this job. After a few days, however, someone may get these positions easily which is familiar with computers or works with computers often.

Technical writing

Description: The position of technical writer frequently includes establishing or editing technical documents or manuals.

Requirements: If you don't become a technical writer, you must have excellent writing skills and a fundamental comprehension of the subject on which you are going to write.

Recommendations: A test or a degree may be required for many of these positions at the time of hiring you. If you are writing online, it will be better to have a good understanding of a word processor and a CMS (content management system).

Difficulty: (LOW - MEDIUM) This position has not more complexity if you want to do work for this role. This job can be simple for someone with decent writing skills and knowledge of the subject.

Security expert

Description: This is a job in which an employee needs to find vulnerabilities in software applications, hardware devices, or a computer system and then test.

Requirements: You are required to have a better understanding in the operation of networks, software, and hardware, as well as you should know how to exploit them. Generally, you should have good programming skills and a thorough understanding of how the whole system operates.

Recommendations: We suggest you should be kept up with all security information, advisories, and as well as security news. Also, you will need to know how to program and how software interacts with computers in order to get a good knowledge of vulnerabilities and how to discover them.

Difficulty: (MEDIUM - HIGH) The level of difficulty of this type of job is medium to high, which is determined on the basis of what you are evaluating for vulnerabilities and how you are testing for them.

Webmaster or web designer

Description: This job mainly includes the creation, edition, maintaining, or designing of a complete web page. In this job, you are generally required to work related to web pages or websites.

Requirements: You need to have a thorough understanding of the internet, the HTML, and the web servers if you want to do a job for a basic web design position. Also, you should be familiarized with the code used to produce a web page and have a better understanding of the technologies, as well as the HTML editor or application used to do it. There are various programming languages and tools that are used to create a website, and these languages are required for more advanced positions as Webmasters or web designers. These include XHTML, Unix, CGI, CSS, Flash, jQuery, SSI, PHP, Python, RSS, Linux, Perl, JavaScript, or FTP.


Someone who works on the front end is commonly referred to as a web designer.

Recommendations: Creating a web page or assisting with the maintenance of another web page or website is one of the best ways to get experience in this field. Make sure, without a basic understanding of HTML, utilizing a WYSIWYG editor to build and publish a web page may not be sufficient for most jobs.

Difficulty: (MEDIUM - HIGH) On the basis of the project, the level of this job is determined. It is not difficult to create and publish a simple website with no interaction. On the other hand, the difficulty of the job will be increased if you want to create an interactive website with greater interaction between the user and the server and create a site with forms and a database.

Health information technology careers

Description: This is the job in which you need to work with medical facilities and other healthcare organizations to use technology in order to enhance the efficiency and quality of clinical care. The HIT field is a subgroup of information technology specialists. Health information technology (HIT) is a great opportunity to combine the two, commencing your career at a time when it's booming.

Requirements: You should have a degree or certificate related to health information technology. Many of the positions in HIT needs a couple of year of experience in order to do a job in this field.

Recommendations: In order to work in the healthcare industry, you can anticipate working in positions that focus on electronic billing and coding systems, electronic medical records, and digital imaging networks.

Difficulty: (Medium-High) This job requires a degree or certifications, which are not easy to get. And, many of the positions needs more practice by you.

Which computer career path will you choose?

In modern times, it is evident that self-described tech geeks have a one-of-a-kind chance to direct their careers in almost any path they want.

You have probably considered getting a formal education in Computer Science or Information Technology if you are thinking about working in this field. We have discussed above almost all posts in the computer field with their description, requirements, difficulty, as well as recommendation. Now, you can choose what job is suitable for you according to yourself.

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