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How does a computer process data into information?

How does a computer process data into information

What is data?

In order to put it another way, data is information. Images, numbers, as well as strings of characters, are all examples of data. To be processed, all data must be input into the computer system. Data can be read from a file, typed in using the keyboard, or scanned using a bar code scanner. From the perspective of a computer programmer, this data is considered raw data that must be processed into information.

In order to process data, a computer employs both hardware as well as software in the four functions listed below.


Data must be input before a computer can process anything. Typing on a keyboard, for instance, can enter data into a computer.

Note: At its most basic level, the computer only understands binary language (0s and 1s) when you enter information into the compute. For more information, you can visit on our machine language page.


A program is used to process data once it has been received by a computer from a user. A typical program will calculate, alter, or organize data in order to produce information that is both clear and presentable to the user. A typical program will calculate, alter, or organize data in order to produce information that is both clear and presentable to the user.


When the data has been transformed into information and displayed to the user on the screen known as output, for instance, if you will use a Windows calculator, it will display the information on your system screen.


Finally, the computer can save the information on the storage device, which can be used in future.

A real-life example of how data is processed

As an example of data being turned into information, consider the following scenario. You may now use your computer to open a spreadsheet software and write "2.35" into the first cell. In the beginning, the computer only recognizes this data as the floating-point number 2.30 at first. You can format the data as currency with the help of using the spreadsheet tool, so the computer recognizes it as "$2.30". (Two dollar and thirty cents).

You could enter the number ".70" into a different cell and format it as currency ($0.70). Then, in a third field, insert a formula that sums the values of the data you supplied in the previous two cells. The new information "$3.00" would be returned by this formula. The formula might also be used to convert the amount to a different currency unit. For case, if one dollar is worth.89 euros, the formula may convert "$2.00" to the new information"€2.67."

Once all of the data has been processed, the spreadsheet application may have the ability to save (save) the file, allowing it to be accessed again to input new data.

Why use a computer to process data?

Because computers have the potential to analyse data much faster as compared to a human, computers can process massive amounts of data more quickly. The majority of data processing is routine and, if done by hand, would be prone to human mistakes. MIPS (Millions of Instructions Per Second) is a unit of measurement for how quickly computers process data.

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