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What is LKGC?

In this article, we will discuss about LKGC with their issue solutions in different windows.


LKGC is stands for "last known good configuration". It is a system recovery tool that enables a user to load a previous version of Microsoft Windows that was operating correctly.

When the Windows operating system (OS) successfully boots, a copy of the hardware configuration and driver settings on the system are taken from the registry in versions NT and later of the Windows OS. This backup is kept so that the OS can successfully conduct a boot in the event that a later boot procedure fails by referencing the configuration's record of the Last Known Good state. The Last Known Good configuration option will be added to the start-up menu if Windows discovers a boot-process issue. After installing new drivers or devices, which may result in system failures, referring back to this configuration record is frequently helpful. The new LKGC record from the most recent successful boot is substituted for the previous one each time the OS successfully boots.

What is LKGC

When a registry-based boot problem arises, it is an emergency recovery option that boots Windows correctly. Consider a scenario in which the typical method of returning to your system fails. In that situation, you can rely on the trustworthy "last known good configuration" mode to manage various circumstances such as failed updates, problematic disc installations, incorrect system settings, etc. The "Last Known Good Configuration" (LKGC) backup component is a long-gone backup part located on the Windows Registry and may be found via the "Advanced Boot Options" menu.

What issues can be resolved by booting from the "last known good configuration"?

There are several issues that may be resolved by booting from the LKGC. These issues are as follows:

  • Failed driver installation and driver update: If the driver installation or update is incorrect, your system may start up in the BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) state. In this case, the preferred way of troubleshooting is LKGC.
  • Malware infestation by viruses, Trojans, and rootkits is another obvious problem that prevents you from using your computer.
  • You can get relief from the errors experienced during the most recent Windows update or automated system updates on your PC by using Windows Update Error: Last Known Good Configuration.
  • Incompatibility between hardware and software: This recovery procedure is suggested if you experience any issues with recently installed hardware or improperly written software.

What issues can't be solved by booting in the "last known good configuration"?

There are several issues that can't be resolved by booting in the LKGC. These issues are as follows:

  • Systemic program crashes that happen at random.
  • Failures in a sector or sluggish gadget operation.
  • RAID-6 disk failure is one example of a specific driver-related issue.

On Windows 10, how do you boot into Last Known Good Configuration?

  • Make sure your computer is completely turned off before turning it off. Be sure to eject and remove any external drives, including those for CDs, DVDs, and floppy disks.
  • As soon as your computer starts up, watch for the manufacturer's emblem to vanish (Dell, HP, or Lenovo).
  • F8 on the keyboard should be pressed frequently from this point on until you see the "Windows Recovery Window". You may need to simultaneously hold down the "Fn" key on the keyboard in some laptops.
  • The "Last Known Good Configuration" can be chosen using the arrow keys choice from the list of options. However, if you encounter the Windows loading screen, you must retrace your steps until you encounter the advanced options window.
  • The last known good configuration boot will start on your keyboard, when you press the "Enter" key.

How to start Windows 7 in Last Known Good Configuration

Switch off your computer and unplug it before disconnecting from the network. After that, turn it back on while waiting for the manufacturer's logo to vanish (such as Acer or Lenovo). The Advanced Boot Options are accessible by clicking here menu. Press F8 a number of times in a row. A list of possible actions can be found here: Pick Last Known Good Configuration by using the arrow keys. On your keyboard, click Enter right now. The system will then start to boot up.

What is LKGC

What situations call for the use of Windows' Last Known Good Configuration?

  • Incorrect driver installation: If this happens, you'll probably experience a "blue screen of death" during startup, and your computer won't work at all without the right troubleshooting.
  • Malware or virus infection: It can prevent secure access to your PC.
  • Errors that occur during a Windows update or other influences (such as a power outage) that prevent a typical upgrade: Any of these could stop the computer from starting up properly.
  • Incompatibility of recently installed programs and the parts of those programs: It can also seriously interfere with the system's ability to boot.

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