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What is Nitro Type?

Austin Butler from created the Nitro Type, which is a free online game. It was launched on 8 September 2011 for the first time, and after some months, it was later released from beta in January 2012. Over the Internet, Nitro Type makes learning to type on a keyboard enjoyable with the help of competing players against each other in real-time.

What is Nitro Type

In the Nitro Type game, you play like a race car that will not move if you are not typing correctly the text displayed. It can only move when you type the text properly. The video below shows a Nitro Type race as well as how you compete against other players.

When you complete the race against all other cars, on the basis of how well you do in a race (your WPM, place, and accuracy), you will be rewarded with experience and Nitro Cash as well. Your racer will level up as you gather experience, which will allow you to collect distinctive season rewards. Furthermore, when you play the game and win the Nitro Cash, it allows you to buy additional vehicles, stickers, trails, and titles in order to personalize your garage.

You can make friends with other racers and race against them, join a team, and accomplish achievements in addition to racing to earn new gear and Nitro Cash.

How to race in Nitro Type

When you start to play the game Nitro Type, you have a few seconds to get set and interact with other racers with the help of using stickers. You must type the text precisely as provided in the bottom-center box once the race counts down and reads "GO." When you are playing the game and you make a mistake while typing, a red alert is shown on the screen. You are not required to press the Backspace key in terms of correcting errors; instead, type the proper character. For instance, if you wrote a lowercase "e" instead of the word "Example," the "E" would be highlighted in red. To fix the problem, type an uppercase "E" and then finish the word.


Your WPM (words per minute) average determines how many words you type in each race.

What are Nitros?

When the players are playing the Nitro Type, they can use the one Nitro they are granted each race by pressing Enter while racing in the game. The racer skips through the current word when Enter is pressed. The Nitro enables the racer to finish races more quickly because it allows the racer to skip long sentences.

Why did I get a disqualification?

When you are racing, there are various reasons you may be disqualified:

  • If your Internet connection is lost, you may get disqualified.
  • Your computer's Internet connection to the server has been disrupted.
  • When the game detects you are not typing anything.
  • Other game glitches.

Nitro Type racing tips

When you racing in the Nitro Type game, there are some tips given below, you can follow them:

  1. You are required to keep your eyes on the screen.
  2. You always need to prioritize your accuracy over your WPM.
  3. Before the race begins in the game, look for the most difficult or the longest words and conserve your Nitro for them.
  4. Ignore the race cars as well as your race position and concentrate on the words you are typing.
  5. Use your own music instead of the sound effects and music provided by Nitro Type. Click the symbols in the top-left corner of the race window to mute these options.

What is the garage?

Your garage is part of what's displayed in your profile and is where you keep your Nitro Type cars and other goodies gained from racing in the game. Your garage allows you to choose cars, stickers, trails, change your title, etc. For that, you need to click on the "Customize Cars & Loot" button in your garage in terms of selecting a trail, or car, paint it a different color, select your stickers, and more.

What are trails?

Trails allow racers to show an animation behind their car, which became available to all players on 18 April 2021. For instance, a car can have the potential to leave a binary trail of 0s and 1s behind it.

What are stickers?

Stickers provide a way to communicate before a race begins as there is not any method to chat in Nitro Type. For instance, the "Hey!" sticker represents a waving hand and, if fitted, can be used to wave to other players. With the help of hitting the numbers 1 through 8 on the keyboard, you can equip up to eight stickers from your garage for use.

What is Nitro Type

What are titles?

Titles are messages that are given out as part of the season's achievements and awards. These messages appear beneath the player's name on the screen. For case, in a single session, a player with the title "Keyboard Cat" has completed the "Keyboard Cat" achievement of racing 400 times.

What is a session?

A session is defined as the number of races completed in less than 30 minutes.

Can I run out of space in the garage?

No, you will run out of space in the garage. The available garage space expands when you get more cars.

What is Nitro Cash?

Nitro Type uses the digital currency known as Nitro Cash. Nitro Cash is acquired with the help of competing against other players, earning season awards, as well as receiving team gifts from teammates. Additionally, you can use this money to purchase featured and daily products in the shop, as well as trade with other players.

What is the most cash a racer can have?

In Nitro Type, a racer can have a maximum of $4,294,967,295 Nitro Cash. This is the highest possible UInt32 value.

What are the Nitro Cash limits?

The amount of Nitro Cash you can send to others is limited. By default, each player has a seven-day limit on how much Nitro Cash they can give to other players. They can only send to other players up to $10,000,000 Nitro Cash. On a team, in a seven-day period, you will be able to send up to $50,000,000 Nitro Cash to other teams to aid in tournaments.


You can submit a support request to have these restrictions lifted in order to assist with large tournaments if you are a post Nitro Type content or a Nitro Type influencer such as YouTube.

What are bots in Nitro Type?

When you are playing in the Nitro Type, you race against both actual people and bots (NPCs). When no real players enter the race and the completion of the game at at a speed close to your average WPM, these Nitro Type bots arise. With the help of examining the racers' titles in the race outcome, a bot can be recognized from a real player. The title "Nitro Type Bot" is given to all bots save The Wampus.

What is The Wampus?

If you defeat him in a race, the Wampus is a bot that emerges at random and rewards you with $50,000 Nitro Cash.

Note: The Wampus is a one-of-a-kind creature that cannot be created or joined in buddy games.

What are the names of the other bots?

Soundwave, ED-209, Gort, HAL, Voltron, Bishop, B.R.A.I.N., T-800, Johnny 5, Kit, Dot Matrix, Big Blue, Bender, Servo, C-3PO, and Optimus Prime are the names of the other bots.

What are seasons?

Seasons, which took the role of Events in 2019, are one- to four-month tournaments that award racers with unique titles, trails, stickers, cars, and cash. When a new session has been started, each racer is reset to level 0 (zero) as a new season begins, and each level improvement earns them a reward. Also, you will be placed in an infinity tier once you have hit the maximum season level. When you have entered an infinity tier, you will continue to acquire levels and receive $100,000 Nitro Cash for each one until the next season begins. Remember that cars and other trophies from past seasons are not available for purchase.

What are points?

After each race, points are distributed to each racer in order to rank racers and teams as well. The formula that determines the number of points is based on the racer's WPM as well as accuracy for each race.

(100 + (wpm / 2)) * accuracy

For instance, you and your team will get 123 points if you have finished the race with 60 WPM and a 95 percent accuracy by (100 + (60 / 2)) * .95.

Nitro Type points calculator

You may calculate how many points you could earn on the basis of your WPM (words per minute) and accuracy with the help of using the JavaScript Nitro Type point calculator. You can also increase the default "1" Races value if you want to participate in many races.

For instance, if your WPM score is 90 and your accuracy is 95% in 1 race, you will get "137" points. If you want to run this score and the races are 100, you will get "13775" points. Keep in mind that maintaining the same WPM and accuracy for all races is difficult; therefore, the overall points will vary.

How can I earn more points in Nitro Type?

Race as many games as possible in order to win more points, and work on improving your WPM and accuracy as well. For each race, the greater your WPM and accuracy, the more points you and your team win.

What are friends and teams?

Friends on Nitro Type

When you are playing Nitro Type, with the help of sending friend requests, you can make friends with other racers. Your pals will appear in the Friends area if your request has been accepted by your friend. It will allow you to compete against any online friend. Remember that you can make up to 1000 friends.


In the "My Settings" section, you can dismiss all friend requests if you don't want to friend requests.

Teams on Nitro Type

Champion emblems for the top team and racer in Nitro Type. For $50,000 Nitro Cash, anyone can have the ability to form a team on Nitro Type. In order to get the most points in seven days, teams of up to 50 racers to a group and fight against other teams. Your points will be added to the Top Teams list (top 100 teams) if your team earns enough points. If your team makes it to the top 50, everyone on the squad receives a Top 50 Team champion symbol. You will be listed as a Top 10 Team (shown in the picture) if your team makes it to the top ten. The members of the top 1, 2, and 3 teams are also shown as a Top 1, 2, and 3 Team.

Note: The team standings are based only on the points earned over the previous seven days. On the basis of the previous seven days, your team's standing rises or falls. In other words, if the previous seven days were not more than the previous seven days, it may appear that your points are decreasing.

It is extremely difficult for teams to reach the Top 100, especially the desired Top 10 positions. You need to look out how many races a competitor has done in the last 24 hours if you have created a team and want to move up your position. For case, if the team in position 100 raced 709 races in the previous 24 hours, your team will need to complete 709 races every day to stay in the Top 100.

Team captain and officers

The team captain is called who creates the team or organizes the squad. They are the team's leader and have complete power over the group. The captain or group leader has the potential to select up to five other teammates as an officer in order to assist with the team's responsibilities. The officer has the ability to invite individuals to join the team, start a new MotD, as well as accept anyone who applies.

How to communicate as a team

In Nitro Type, the (MotD) "Message of the Day" feature is available that is used to communicate as a team. The MotD is updated by the captain and officers. All other members of the team can only engage with the MotD with the help of utilizing the stickers given. Furthermore, many teams construct a Discord server as a result of the limited communication options.

How to disband or transfer a Nitro Type team

Inactive teams are rarely maintained by the people behind Nitro Type, which means that an inactive team will not leave the game and can stay on Nitro Type for years or until the captain leaves the game. You can disband your team if you want to quit and join another one. The team is deleted when you disband.

Note: There is a need to attend; you are unable to transfer your Nitro Type team to another player. Also, there is no way to change the captain of the team. Hence, you cannot change the team captain.

How can I join a team?

In the Team section, any team that received you an invite is shown. In order to examine the top 100 teams on Nitro Type, you can also go to the Nitro Type Top Teams page and then can choose a team to join. Additionally, you can have the potential to join the team right away with the help of clicking on the red "Join This Team" button if you match the conditions and a team's enrolment is "Open." On the other hand, you must click the "Apply to Join" option and will have to wait to be accepted or rejected if the team's enrolment is "Apply."


You have an option to block looking for a team if you are facing problem with constantly getting team requests and you don't want to join any team. It can be done by going into "My Settings."

What is Gold Membership?

The cost of Nitro Gold membership is $9.99 a year, which removes ads, while also providing 20% more Nitro Cash, exclusive gold incentives, and additional season rewards. Remember that during a race, other gold members can be identified by their gold nameplates. Your racer will appear red to help you differentiate it from others if you have a Gold Membership.

Buying and selling Nitro Type accounts

Nitro Type accounts with several races are purchased, sold, and traded by certain players. On the other hand, as it is simple to generate new accounts with 30-50 thousand races by cheating; therefore, the values of many accounts have fallen because of cheating.


For some folks, older accounts with unique cars are still valuable.

Cheating on Nitro Type

Unfortunately, some people cheat in Nitro Type, as they do in most online competitive games, but Nitro type does not allow the player to cheat. However, on Nitro Type, players cheat with the help of swapping botting, accounts, sandbagging, as well as developing macros. Nitro Type features CAPTCHAs to help prevent some botting and bans users who are caught cheating. When you look at the elite racers who race 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in hundreds of thousands of races, it's clear that some cheaters are still cheating.

Note: The game Nitro Type is different from other online games. It does not accept cheating assistance requests, instead of relying on its anti-cheat system in order to detect and prohibit cheaters.

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