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Liveware is a term that was widely used in the computer industry in early 1966. the term refers to computer users that are used humorously along with hardware and software. The term was used as slang for the people who spent most of their time on the computer. The term was based on the need for humans or liveware to operate the system. It was used as an anomaly to the hardware or the software without which the computer won't work. Most of the time, they were used to refer the internal customer support personnel.


Difference between Software and Liveware

Software: It can be described as a collection of code or programs along with its documentation and operating procedures that follow predefined steps to perform a certain task. It is used to control or manage the hardware components in a system. Some software enables the user to enhance the system's functionality as well.

Liveware: It is used to describe people that are responsible for working on the computer. They can be analysts or programmers. They are the computer user that works on the computer and are needed for it to work.

Software Liveware
There is a collection of programs that are used by the computer to perform certain tasks. It refers to the people who work on the computer and make them useful.
The software is required to connect the hardware to the system. It is required to perform the task of the hardware as well. This term is used for the people who benefit from the system.
This collection of programs defines the functioning of the computer. It contains instructions for the computer or its component to do a task. These are humans that have expertise in the Information Industry. They work on the computer to ensure that it is functional.
The features of the software are as follows:

Efficiency, maintainability, reusability, and portability.

The feature or qualities of the liveware are problem-solving, analytical skills, documentation, and reporting skills.
The benefits of using software applications are:

It provides enhanced data security, simplifies the procedure to perform the task, it provides a user interface. It simplifies the decision-making process.

The benefits of liveware include:

The system requires a user to access the operating system of the computer. It facilitates interaction between hardware and software. It increases productivity.

Some commonly used software are Windows Operating System, Microsoft Office Word, Outlook, and any gaming software. Examples of liveware include professional computer engineers, hardware engineers, and network or database administrators. It also includes any other person working on the computer.
The various types of software include application software and operating software. There is freeware software. Some software can be edited and used by anybody on the internet. This software is called open-source software. The various types of liveware are computer engineers, network and database administrators, operators, technicians, computer programmers, and managers.
The software can be used continuously. It does not get exhausting. Since liveware is a term used for humans, they tend to get exhausted after working several hours.

Difference between Hardware and Liveware

Hardware: It refers to the physical devices or the physical component of the computer system that is tangible. These components can differ in compatibility, performance, and capacity.

Hardware Liveware
Hardware is the physical component of the system. The user can touch them. Liveware is people that work on the system using the computer hardware and system.
The hardware devices use the electronic or computer device required to execute a certain task in the system. These people are responsible for making the system perform its function.
The functions of hardware are entering, processing, and displaying the result. They are also used for storing information in the system. The functions of liveware include:
  • Maintaining the environment of the system.
  • Operating the system.
  • Ensuring that the system is structurally sound.
The user can anytime replace the hardware when the hardware is outdated or fails to work, or does not work properly. People can increase their knowledge by learning new skills. It is more efficient to increase knowledge than to replace a person.
The primary function of the hardware is to take the input, process the input, and display the result. It is responsible for providing storage and communication between the components of the system. The primary function of the liveware is to perform small tasks that the system cannot do on its own. These people are required in the IT field.
Hardware is an essential component of the system that is required by the user to function properly. The user cannot function without its hardware. The computer requires human assistance to perform certain tasks. It is dependent on humans to initiate any task. They are responsible for performing communication between hardware and software. The computer cannot function without liveware.
The hardware of the system can be used continuously. There is a limit to the time a person can work effectively.
The physical components of the computer instruct the software to execute a set of instructions. The people are required to perform the task. Without people, a computer is just a machine.

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