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Laptop buying tips

Tips on buying computer portable laptops

There can be a complex and sometimes intimidating experience if you are going to buy a laptop computer for your home or business as well. Below, there are some important tips given that will help you out at the time when you are considering purchasing a laptop computer.

Laptop buying tips

What to look for

When you are going to buy a laptop computer, you probably have a general idea of what you want to do through your laptop or how you will use it. The following is a summary of the various components included in most laptops nowadays, as well as advice and tips to consider when purchasing any of them.

Battery usage

You are required to determine how long the battery will survive if you use the laptop on a regular basis. There are multiple manufacturers who provide a battery consumption time, but it may be at the lowest possible settings; when operating the portable computer in all power modes, check with the manufacturer to see what the normal battery usage duration is.


The display on the laptop is an important factor to consider; however, a VGA, HDMI, or DisplayPort port for connecting an external monitor is included on most laptops. Make sure the display is big enough according to your requirements when you are gazing at it. We recommend getting a laptop with a display size of at least 15" or 17" if pricing is not the most important factor for you. And we also suggest shopping for a laptop with a display size of 13" or smaller if affordability is an issue.


When you are going to buy a portable computer, hard drives are sometimes disregarded, but they are an important factor to consider. Portable computers can have a variety of drive configurations, such as:

  • A DVD-ROM or DVD-writer drive is installed in one drive bay. The simple DVD-ROM drive will suffice if you do not intend to burn data on a DVD. On the other hand, if you are required to store data on a DVD, be sure that the laptop has a DVD writer, which is sometimes referred to as a DVD-RW drive.
  • Rather than internal drives, a laptop can be light and use external discs with No drive bay. Keep an eye on the prices of these kinds of laptops. Although there is the different-different price available for the laptop in the market, many manufacturers charge extra for external drives, which are frequently required.

You may also wish to think about different media options. For instance, one or more USB ports are included on all laptops in order to connect USB flash drives or external hard drives. A laptop with at least two USB ports is advantageous since it allows you to simultaneously connect a wireless mouse and a USB flash drive or external hard disc.

Hard drive

When you are selecting a new portable computer, hard drives have always been and will continue to be an important consideration. The hard drive, just like on a regular computer, is where all of your data and information reside, and if it has no space and fills up, it needs to be replaced or an external disc linked to the laptop for storing data. When it comes to hard drive space, search for a laptop with the largest hard drive size possible, as this will provide you with more storage space in the long run.


Is there a locking system on the laptop? If so, check what kind of locking mechanism is included? If you are on the road or frequently use your laptop in public locations, this is very vital.


When it comes to buying a laptop, memory is and will continue to be a major factor to consider. At this time, you need to determine the quantity of memory installed in the laptop computer and check to see if one or more memory slots are available for future expansion. For many use scenarios, the more memory the laptop has or can support, the faster and more efficient it can operate.

Laptop buying tips


In modern times, although the modem is less commonly used if you need to use it for Internet connectivity, verify that the laptop includes a PC Card slot. Because most modern laptops don't come with a modem, you will need to buy one and connect it to the laptop with the help of using the PC Card port.

Laptop buying tips

Network Card

You are also required to verify that the laptop has a network port if you need a network connection. In today's environment, all laptops come with a network connector that may be used to connect to the Internet.

Laptop buying tips


When it comes to buying a laptop computer, the computer processor is usually the most important factor to consider. In today's fast-paced corporate world, there are a number of processor manufacturers available; in this condition, comparing the various CPUs available may be more confusing and cost-effective.

Laptop buying tips

Sound card

Today's laptops come with a sound card built into the motherboard. This sound card, however, frequently only offers basic sound quality as well as capabilities. A PCMCIA or external sound card is required if you want a more advanced sound card that increases the number of speakers that may be utilized and improves the sound quality as well. Make sure your laptop has a PC Card slot if you want to utilize a PCMCIA sound card on your laptop computer.

There are a number of laptops that have a basic sound card, which is sufficient for most users. However, the sound volume is not extremely loud. Consider investing in a pair of headphones in order to help you hear sounds more clearly, especially if you are listening to music or watching movies on your laptop computer.


Another factor to consider when you are going to purchase a laptop is its weight. If the laptop has lightweight, it will be easier while carry it for an extended period of time. In this scenario, examine the weight of each laptop and try to select the lightest laptop with the characteristics you need.

Video card

In modern times, video cards are becoming increasingly important when you are buying a laptop. A video card has the potential to make or break the laptop when it comes to gaming; however, it may come as a surprise for some people. Most modern games, such as OpenGL, require additional visual memory as well as particular video modes. The more complex, graphically taxing games cannot be played on a video card with limited video RAM or without certain video modes.

The majority of low-cost laptops are incapable of playing many games as they have basic video cards. Look for a laptop with an NVIDIA GeForce, AMD Radeon, or similar video card if you want to play games on it. Most video games can be played on a laptop with those video cards.

Brand of laptop

You have probably heard both good and terrible things if you are considering buying a laptop computer. Regardless matter how amazing or how horrible the story is, it is always dependent on the user's experience; how they use it. Although it is true that a user had a negative or dreadful experience with the laptop, every laptop maker has users who had a bad experience. There is no such thing as an unreliable computer maker. Below, a list is given that contains many factors to think about while buying a laptop. In some circumstances, knowing how to distinguish between the good and the bad might assist you in selecting the right laptop for your requirements.


When you are planning to purchase a laptop, there are certain companies available on the market that may try to offer you additional add-ons. Here, you need to pay attention, do not contemplate any extra add-ons unless you have done your homework on them. Although, getting devices like camera, scanner, printer, including PC cards, with a computer may be advantageous in some circumstances, you may be paying a premium for the add-on. Also, you may have to pay a premium for ink in the future, in the case of a printer.

Laptop buying tips

Do your homework to verify that any additional hardware or add-ons you purchase are appropriate for your needs and will not end up being unused.

Add-ons that are completely free? There are some computer companies available that may try to persuade buyer to purchase a laptop by offering free add-ons with the laptops. These add-ons may appear to be free, but they are frequently not free of cost. Make sure the cost of the add-on is not included in the total cost of the laptop.


In modern times, even though most manufacturers of laptops are limiting the amount of documentation offered with their laptops, it is still a good idea to find out what documentation is included.

There are some laptop manufacturers available on the market that supply printed documentation or paper inserts; however, does that document contains information about upgrading the laptop in the future? How do you connect the laptop's cords, peripherals, and accessories? Is there any documentation on how to utilize the software that came with it?

Note: It is most critical to differentiate between paper documentation and on-line documentation. Information available on the Internet, usually through the manufacturer's website, is referred to as on-line documentation. Here, before buying the laptop, you need to make sure that the information suits your needs, if it is available on the internet.


We use the term "location" to denote a variety of subjects. First and foremost, where did you purchase the laptop? Is it possible to return a laptop if you are not satisfying with it and you have purchased it from a local retail store? Where can an unsatisfactory laptop be returned if acquired over the Internet or straight from the manufacturer or reseller?

The second thing is important, from where you purchase a laptop, can the laptop be serviced at the store. If not, where can I get the laptop serviced where is the closest location.

This thing is that how is it transported if you are buying directly from the manufacturer and have it shipped through the mail? What will it take time to arrive at your location? What happens if the laptop gets destroyed while in transit?


A computer, hardware device, as well as a component of a computer that has been used, is referred to as refurbished. It was used, examined, may be repaired, and declared to be functional. The product, however, cannot be offered as new because it has been used or purchased.

Laptop buying tips

Refurbished laptops are an excellent option for those seeking for a bargain as they are less expensive as compared to new one. On the other hand, compare the price of a refurbished laptop to a new laptop price and go through all the suggestions given on this page again, as all the same tips, rules, and tactics apply.


When you are searching to buy a laptop, new or used, service is an important factor to consider. Many organizations use the term "service" in order to describe the process of repairing a laptop if one of its components breaks.

Laptop buying tips

A list of suggested services is provided below.

  1. Check to see if the service is onsite, which means a specialist will come to your home, business or at your location to replace or repair a broken component. Is the onsite service available for the duration of the warranty?
  2. What is available if onsite is not available, and for how long?
  3. Ensure that is it possible to take the laptop to a local service centre? If that's the case, examine, where can I find the nearest approved service centre?
  4. What is the expected turnaround time for the service? For instance, if a component on the laptop get fails, how much time will take a technician to come on your location, how long does it take to replace your components or solve your problem, or how long does it take to send the laptop in to be repaired? At the end, what is the company's willingness to do if the deadline is not met? Do you think they would be willing to loan you a laptop computer?
  5. Furthermore, verify that International Service is available as the laptop is portable? If it is, it will be beneficial for users; they can get computer repair services in a different country.


Software is a significant factor for many computer users, especially inexperienced users when you are going to purchase a new laptop. When buying a laptop, there is software that we strongly recommend checking for them, such as a word processor or spreadsheet program. However, some businesses may oversell the software package that comes with the laptop.

Laptop buying tips

The following is a list of things to look for while examining the software that comes with a laptop computer.

  1. Is Corel Suite or Microsoft Office included in the software? A word processor and a spreadsheet program are included in these bundles. This should be a primary factor for the vast majority of consumers.
  2. Are the applications full versions of the software, or are they merely software demonstrations or shareware?


Although you can get help anytime by JavaTpoint, most customers should also investigate manufacturer support. You can always contact JavaTpoint for assistance. When you have purchased a laptop, you must be able to contact a support agent if a problem with the laptop arises.

Laptop buying tips

The following are some things in order to think about when looking at laptop support choices.

  1. Verify that if you need customer support, when do they work; is customer service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week?
  2. Is customer service available on weekends and holidays? What days are they closed if they are not open?
  3. Check to see what kinds of assistance are available? For example, how will u contact by E-mail, Chat, Phone, or Web?


Although upgrading may not be the first thing that comes to mind when selecting a laptop, it is a very crucial factor to consider. The following is a list of several alternatives to consider while upgrading a laptop.

  • Does your laptop have the option to upgrade the RAM (Random Access Memory)? What are the maximum amounts that can be upgraded if they are available, or is it indicated in the literature that came with the laptop or on the Internet?
  • Are the upgrades something like this you can do yourself or do they need to be done by a service centre?


Lastly, what type of warranty does the laptop manufacturer provide. What is the time period of warranty? Also, check to see if the warranty is valid for both hardware and software problems?

For most consumers, warranties can be a source of frustration. We strongly advise you if you are going to buy a laptop, get a laptop with at least a one-year warranty. On the market, some low-cost laptops only have a 90-day warranty which means if a part fails after only 90 days, you are responsible for both the part and the service, and you have to pay for the services. For consumers who merely require an inexpensive laptop and are ready to pay for parts and servicing, this may not be an issue.

Note: The warranty for refurbished laptops is generally only 90 days.


When you are purchasing a laptop, be aware of the following scams and strategies.

Get what you pay for

This is very important to see; you are getting what you are paying for. It is well known that some shady online retailers would advertise a laptop as having a specified hard disc size, RAM, as well as processor speed. The laptop, on the other hand, has less RAM, a slower processor, and a smaller hard disc.

Get the laptop's brand and model number, then you are required to search online for that brand and model number to find the laptop's real hardware characteristics. Now, you need to examine the specifications for that brand and model on a trustworthy website, such as Best Buy, Amazon, or New Egg; also, make sure all the information is matched what the firm selling the laptop claims to be the specifications.

Legal software

Finally, if you are buying a laptop, make sure it includes legal software. Many small computer companies and end-users may not give you legitimate copies of the software, which is prohibited. Check that the software that comes with the laptop is on a regular CD rather than a burnt CD. A CD that has been burned or manufactured at home has gold or green bottom. Pay attention; if you are installing software and it needs a product key, the key has come with the laptop. Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office are two examples of software that include a product key.

Note: A product key may not include with the laptop if it has demo or trial software, such as a Microsoft Office trial version. When trial software is purchased after the trial period has expired, a product key is frequently obtained.

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