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What makes a computer fast and powerful?

A fast and powerful computer is a must-have if you work as a designer on the computer, perform a lot of gaming, or simply want your computer to perform as smoothly as possible. The speed of a computer is affected by a variety of different things. In a computer, multiple components are present that work together to make it faster and more powerful. The primary hardware components that play an important role in order to improve the computer's speed and performance are listed below, through which you can also pick the best computer for your needs.

Processor (CPU)

The central processing unit (CPU) or processor controls the computer's overall speed or clock speed as it is one of the most significant components in making a computer fast. A good processor is one that can execute more instructions per second, resulting in faster processing. This is the section of the computer that deals with data processing, like reading and executing program instructions.

What makes a computer fast and powerful?

A computer's "clock speed" refers to how rapidly it can complete this activity. The quicker your computer is, the more instructions the CPU can handle per second. For instance, the Intel 4004, a 740 kHz processor, was the first computer processor that had the potential to processing around 92,000 instructions per second. In modern times, processors have the ability to process more than 100 billion instructions per second as they are multi-core GHz processors and result in significantly faster than they used to be.

Determining what CPU is best for you is completely dependent upon what purpose you are going to use it. A dual-core CPU is an energy-efficient option as well as low-cost if you are only using it for everyday duties like checking your email or browsing the web.


The cache is another factor that influences the speed of your computer. The processor normally has to wait for such instructions from the computer's slower memory; however, computers have the potential to execute billions of instructions in a second. The cache is used by computer motherboards and processors to transmit data between the components, such as memory, processor and more because the hard drive and RAM are slower as compared to the CPU. It stores data in order to respond to future data requests more rapidly.

A computer that contains Level 2 cache or Level 3 cache memory can have the ability to hold more instructions as well as send them to the CPU faster, as cache memory is the fastest type of memory in the computer system.

What makes a computer fast and powerful?

Memory (RAM)

RAM is a type of short-term data storage utilised by computers to store data that are currently executing in memory. Having extra RAM on your computer is beneficial because when it runs out of memory, it will shift unneeded data from memory to the primary storage device until it is needed again. Your computer will become substantially slower without enough memory if you add an extra step to the processing because the hard disc is the slowest type of computer memory.

What makes a computer fast and powerful?

You will require more RAM if you run more applications simultaneously. Look for a machine with as much RAM as possible if you want your computer to run a range of programs while remaining fast. More demanding games, and for professional work, 16GB is recommended. Patriot Viper Steel DDR4-4400 is the best choice for this. For a total of 16GB of RAM, this system comes with two 8GB RAM modules.

Bus speed

The speed of the bus can also impact the speed of a computer. In earlier systems, the motherboard's bus speed improves the speed at which data is transferred between all hardware components. An FSB (front-side bus) of 66 MHz, for example, will be substantially slower as compared to a 400 MHz FSB. The CPU must wait longer for instructions if the computer's bus is sluggish, result in slowing down the machine.

A bus is a circuit that links the various components on the motherboard of your computer, for example, the CPU and memory. The frequency of the FSB can vary from 66 MHz to over 800 MHz. To ensure that your computer is speedy, go for a motherboard with the fastest FSB speed feasible. The more data the bus can process at once, the faster information can move between these components. As a consequence, your computer will work more efficiently as it will have to wait less time for instructions.

Instead of FSB, in modern times, QPI (QuickPath Interconnect) is used by computers with Intel processors. As compared to FSB, QPI is more efficient and faster. HyperTransport, rather than FSB, is used by AMD processors. HyperTransport, like QPI, is quicker and more efficient as compared to FSB. QPI and HyperTransport help to make a computer faster as they enable quicker communication between the hard drive, RAM, and other hardware.

Hard drive

The hard drive also has a role in how quickly a computer runs. Moving elements are present in traditional hard disc drives (HDD). These moving elements have an impact on your computer's performance, the speed at which these parts rotate, which is measured in revolutions per minute (RPM). For case, as compared to a 7,200 RPM hard drive, a 5,400 RPM hard disc will be slower. Therefore, various components of a hard disk drive are responsible for affecting the overall performance of your computer.

What makes a computer fast and powerful?

Because of the moving elements inside, an HDD (conventional hard disc) slows down the computer performance, consequently, slower read and write times. On the other hand, an SSD (solid-state drive) has speedier read and write times as it does not have moving parts.

Below is a list of the several elements that impact a hard disc's speed.

  • As compared to a standard hard disc drive (HDD), an SSD contains no moving parts, making it substantially faster.
  • The RPM of a hard drive is the rate at which the platters inside the disc rotate. A hard drive with a 5400 RPM speed is significantly slower than one with a 7200 RPM speed.
  • EIDE (ATA) cables and ports used in older computers to connect drives have a significantly slower transfer rate than SATA cables and ports used in modern system.

If you want your computer to function as quickly as possible, choose an SSD with as much storage space as feasible. The Crucial MX500 2TB, which offers a huge 2TB of capacity, is recommended.

Video card

The video card also affects the speed of your computer, which is the final piece of hardware, also known as the graphics processing unit (GPU). You will need a strong video card with its own memory and processor (GPU) if you want to play the newest computer games (VRAM). These video cards boost computer speed with the help of handling 3D rendering and other time-consuming activities. The faster a video card renders 3D visuals, the more powerful it is.

What makes a computer fast and powerful?

The performance of a video card is also influenced by the interface of the video card. For instance, as compared to newer PCI Express video cards, older AGP video cards are substantially slower. For presentation on a display device, the GPU, a specialized electronic circuit that has the potential to manipulate and alter memory quickly in order to speed up the production of images. You can understand why you will need a fast GPU to generate graphics for your screen if you work with photos a lot or play a lot of games.

It is advisable to buy a separate video card if you are not aware of about what kind of GPU you will need in order to improve your computer's performance (also known as a discrete graphics card). This is due to the GPU's need for RAM to function. A standalone GPU has its own RAM, whereas integrated graphics cards use the RAM from the main computer. This means your main system's RAM will be free to focus on other activities because you will have specialized RAM for graphics processing.

Latest operating system

The operating system is another factor that plays a vital role in order to enhance a computer's speed. The operating system enables all of the above-mentioned computer hardware to interact with as well as function with the computer software. Your computer will not function without an operating system. When new technologies are developed, the operating system must be built to interface with them in order for them to be fully supported by a computer.

What makes a computer fast and powerful?

In order to support new technologies, today's operating systems provide updates; however, these updates may not be available for earlier operating systems. Because it supports and optimizes all of the latest hardware, a machine running Windows 10 is quicker as compared to one running Windows XP. Windows 10 is the current operating system for PCs. Windows 10 updates are released on a regular basis to address security vulnerabilities or bugs, both of which can slow down your computer. To ensure that your computer is as fast, safe, and efficient, keep your operating system up to date.


The term "software" refers to the programs that are installed on your computer, which can also have an impact on a computer's speed. If the software includes problems or is not developed well, it can cause your computer to slow down while those apps are running. Make sure to update your software on a regular basis to address any issues with efficiency or bugs if your computer is slow when running software.

Another suggestion is to examine your software on a regular basis, deleting anything you do not require. If you have installed a lot of programs on your computer or your computer comes with numerous pre-installed apps, there is a high chance you are not utilizing them all. These programmes can be uninstalled to make your computer operate quicker.

When you turn on your computer, several programs on your computer may also be set to open automatically. Your computer may take much time to boot up if there are too many of these. However, you can prevent apps from starting up automatically. For that, you need to open the Task Manager on Windows that can be accessed with the help of pressing the Ctrl, Shift, and Esc keys together. Then, you need to go to the "Startup" section of the window that appears and choose the "Disable" option for the apps you don't wish to launch automatically. When you turn on your computer, such programmes will no longer open automatically.

Using the latest technologies

As compared to a computer that uses older technologies, a computer that employs the most recent technology will be significantly faster. For instance, in modern times, a SATA SSD is used in computers, which is significantly quicker as compared to a 5400 RPM IDE hard drive. Similarly, an Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2 processor will be slower as compared to a computer with an AMD Ryzen 7 or Core i7 CPU.

How Fast Does Your Computer Need to Be?

In modern times, computers are more powerful. The majority of them have far more power than the ordinary user will ever require. We all want the best performance of the computer, though. Our lives are made easier by the ease of having a swift computer. Most modern computer systems are powerful enough to handle our daily tasks, such as checking email and accessing the Internet. When you are in the middle of a project or inspiration strikes, we do not want to wait.

You may need your computer to upgrade from many out of the box setups, especially if you are a gamer and use your computer to edit photos and movies or produce music. Although certain processes need the computer to work harder and may necessitate an update, computers are now fast enough to perform the majority of the tasks we throw at them.

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