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What does Alt + Space do?

The keyboard shortcut Alt+Space or Alt+Spacebar is most frequently used to view the window menu of the application that is presently active in Microsoft Windows.

What does Alt + Space do

How to utilize the Alt+Space keyboard shortcut?

Hit and hold any Alt key, then while holding, press the spacebar key to utilize this keyboard shortcut.

What does Alt+Space do in Microsoft Windows?

In Microsoft Windows, pressing Alt and Spacebar brings up the program's window menu. You can move, resize, maximize, and shut the window with this one.

What does Alt+Space do in Microsoft Excel?

Using Alt + Space opens the Excel window's Control menu.

How to turn off the new alt+space search box in Windows 10?

PowerToys Run certainly has that appearance. The PowerToys Settings app allows you to disable that, or you may remove PowerToys entirely.

Why does Windows 10's Alt+Space keyboard shortcut not launch the system menu?

You might have noticed that when you pressed Alt and Spacebar, a search box appeared. It turns out that this was a function that was turned on by default in Microsoft's new Windows PowerToys application. Alt + Spacebar may be made functional again by switching the keyboard shortcut or disabling the "PowerToys Run" option.

What does Alt + Space do in popular programs?

Below are the popular programs using this keyboard combination.


  1. Maple - Access Window Menu
  2. Alteryx - bring up the System menu


  1. Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard - Open the active window's shortcut menu.

2) Social and Messaging

  1. NewsBin Pro - Launch the active window's shortcut menu.

Text Editing

  1. Microsoft FrontPage - the window's shortcut menu to be displayed (Control menu).
  2. Nano - Rewind one word

System Tools

  1. Remote Desktop Services - Alt + D is the remote desktop shortcut. Manifest the system menu.
  2. Xfce - Window operations menu
  3. ConEmu (190623 alpha) - ConEmu System menu display
  4. KDE Plasma Desktop - Launch the Command Prompt
  5. PowerToys - Activate PowerToys Run.
  6. i3 (window manager) - switch to focus
  7. Launchy - Talk about Launchy
  8. LXDE - Window menu
  9. Mintty 3.4.0 - Window menu
  10. Wox Launcher - Launch


  1. Modo 12.1 - Animation short clips (only in the Animation layout)
  2. Adobe Photoshop CC - Use the Zoom Out tool now.
  3. Blender - Orientation menu
  4. Microsoft Paint - corresponding to right-clicking the title bar
  5. Affinity Photo - Non-Breaking Space
  6. Clip Studio Paint Pro - Zoom (scale down)
  7. Modo 12.1 - Access pop-over quickly

Developer Tools

  1. DBeaver 6.0.3 - Visit the link in the active cell.


  1. Microsoft Access 2019 - Display the control menu, commonly known as the program icon menu, on the program title bar.
  2. Avid Pro Tools 2021.6 - Start or stop head loop auditioning in the browser
  3. WPS Office - reveals the application window's Control menu.
  4. Openbox - show the current window's client menu
  5. REAPER - Transport: Play (skip time selection)
  6. Bitwig Studio 4.2 - Play from the beginning or halt transport
  7. Kali Linux - Open the window menu.
  8. Microsoft Excel 2019 - reveals the Excel window's Control menu.
  9. Android - Search page
  10. Avid Pro Tools 2021.6 - Turn on/off online playback
  11. io (Windows, Mac) - Start a row
  12. Edius Pro 9 - Add Clarity
  13. Melodyne 4 - Playback options
  14. Nuendo 10 - Variety of play options
  15. OBIEE 12.2 - open the control menu for the program.
  16. Rekordbox 6 - Display GRID panel
  17. Relativity - Edit
  18. Steinberg Cubase 10.5 - range of play options
  19. Virtual DJ 2018 - Mix now
  20. Virtual DJ 2021 - Play emergency
  21. General
  22. Ubuntu - Open the window menu and choose the commands "Always on Top," "Minimize," "Maximize," and above.
  23. Linux Mint - bring up an application's window menu
  24. GNOME - Open the window menu.
  25. Windows XP - Show the active window's System menu.
  26. Windows XP - Manifest the MMC window menu.
  27. Windows 11 - Open the active window's shortcut menu.
  28. Windows 3.1 - Open the control box.
  29. Raspbian - Open the program menu.
  30. Ardour - Play edit range

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