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What is a Crimping Tool?

A crimping tool is a device that is used to make cold weld joints between wires and a connector through deforming one or both of them to hold the other. A special connector is used to join metals together. The weld joint properties (mechanical and electrical) are strong as the parent materials when the tool works and offer some result, which is known as crimp. An instance of crimping is to affixing a connector to the end of a wire. For example, a crimping tool is used to create phone cable sand network cables to combine RJ-11 and RJ-45 connectors to both ends of the phone or Cat 5 cable. The below picture is an example of RJ-11 (6-pin) and RJ-45 (8-pin) crimping tools.

What is a Crimping Tool

How to use a Crimping Tool?

First of all, the wire that you want to crimp, bandage it and attach the connector. Then, with the help of matching wire gauge ratings, the right die head for the connector will have to select for crimping tools with interchangeable dies. The groove must be properly matched for die less crimpers. In the last, take out the newly crimped connector with the help of applying pressure. And, for checking your connection is secure or not, give a few tugs.

Objective of the crimping tool

To attach a connector with a network cable or the end of a phone is the main objective of the crimping tool. The most common connectors, RJ-11 and RJ-45 that can be attached to the end of a cable. These connectors are more important for cable and can be attached to the cable with the help of a crimping tool. The flat rocks, hammers, or other improvised tools are used by many homeowners for attaching the connectors to the cables, but it can be led to bad quality or failure. Combining two metal pieces together with the help of deforming one of them is the primary function of the crimping. For use, with the help of attaching a connector on the wire, it prepares a phone cable or a network. The wire that is previously ripped with another particular tool.

The connector is a very important part of the crimping, which prevent the wires from falling out, and helps to transmit data to the wires. If anyone uses the wrong tool, it can become the reason for more damage. There are many different kinds of crimping tools available, but they all have the same function. The built-in ratchet crimping tool is considered the best crimping tool that helps to prevent the jaws from breaking. The ratchet releases the crimped part when it gets the required pressure-the ratchet ensuring that enough pressure is applied and helps to improve the efficiency significantly.

Furthermore, the main purpose of designing the crimping tool with a wider jaw is to cover bigger surface areas. The operators require to match the wire size and the terminal size to crimp a cable with crimping. Once the terminal size and the wire size are matched, the operator will be able to strip the wire.

On the basis of the length of the connector, it is decided how much wire will be removed. The cable and connector are inserted into the crimping tool after the wire is ripped and fitted into the connector. For squeezing the connector with the wires together, the operator presses the handles, and finally, they firmly connect together.

The connector and the cable will hold together where a great force is pulling them and he crimping procedure is carried out. Make sure the crimping has not been done correctly if the connection is pulled apart. Operators need to check the goodness of the crimp before installation, which helps to prevent incompletion when the connector and cable are installed.

Uses of Crimping Tool

In metalworking, the crimping tool is most widely used. It plays an important role in many applications such as correcting bullets, for rapid but lasting electrical connections, securing lids on metal food cans, and multiple other applications. Also, it is used between a non-metallic component and the workpiece for making a powerful bond.

With a crimping tool, one end of a tube is treated to make a slip joint into the next section of the duct when joining segments of tubular sheet metal pipe like for installation of ventilation ducting, or for smoke pipes for wood stoves. The joint will not be liquid-tight but may be arranged to prevent the accretion of dirt.

Crimp tubes or crimp beads play a vital role in jewelry manufacture in terms of making secure joints in fine wire. A crimped lead offers graphic indication of interfering at the time of securing a utility meter or as a seal on cargo containers.

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