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Why is my online game so slow?

Game latency, freezing, and delay irritate and frustrate online players more than anything else. You want everything to run smoothly when you play an online game, but lag led to slows down your game and might even lead to a match loss. A multitude of causes can create lag, including outdated computer hardware, sluggish Internet rates, or a weak wireless connection.

Why is my online game so slow

Before you begin an online game, turn off all downloads and file-sharing apps. In order to gain an extra speed boost, close as many programmes as possible.

Many elements influence how well a game performs online. The following is a summary of some of the several reasons why an online game could be slow or leggy.

Connection speed

You will notice a considerably higher ping if you use a dial-up modem to connect and play online games as compared to people who use a broadband connection. Even if you have a broadband connection, if you still have latency, test your Internet connection to determine how fast it is. You can determine whether the issue is with the Internet or with the server by testing your connection speed.


The game experience is influenced by the server's location, connection type and speed, and the number of players currently utilizing it. Here are a few tips how you should get starting.

  1. Examine whether everyone has high latency or pings. If all users are experiencing slowness, it's probable that the server has too many players for the connection.
  2. Attempt to connect to a different server. Servers can be available all around the world, and playing on one in another country will cause your connection to slow down.
  3. Change the time of day you play the game. It may be suffering a tremendous workload, causing performance to suffer, if the game's server is being used for many titles or other duties.


Check sure the game you're playing has the most recent updates, as well as the operating system you're using to play it. Offline and online game speed may frequently be improved by upgrading the operating system, hardware drivers, and the game to the most recent version.

More complex environment

When entering an area with other players, the computer's frames fall due to the resources necessary to load each of the characters and their actions. When there are other players on your screen and your computer's performance suffers, use the game's "Settings" or "Display Settings" to lower the video quality.

How do I view the ping in an online game?

Many online games have a function that allows you to check the latency of your connection to the game server, which can be toggled. Regrettably, the game decides where this data is saved and how to enable/disable it. Consult your documentation for instructions on how to make this setting public or seek guidance from other players in the game.

How do I know if my ping is high?

As previously stated, the weaker your connection is the greater the ping or latency figure. It depends on the game and the server whether it is high than other users on the same server. Ping/latency/connection indicators are color-coded in several online games. For instance, reen indicates an excellent connection (fast or low ping), yellow indicates a good connection, and red indicates a terrible connection (high ping).

Can I manually change my ping?

Some games let you to manually change your ping, while others may have hacks that enable you to do so. This, on the other hand, will only affect the appearance of the page and will have no influence on your ping. It may, however, enable your computer to connect to a server with a low ping requirement.

Use a VPN

The biggest cause of lag and slowness in online gaming is a sluggish Internet connection. Games, which are far more resource-intensive as compared to typical web pages, may lag even if they load pretty rapidly.

The games still take a long time to load even if you have a fast Internet connection; a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can assist in resolving it. With the help of routing your connection to a different server, a VPN will modify the way you connect to your favorite online games.

The VPN server will be unaffected in order to load games faster, even if your ISP's server is having problems. A VPN will also ensure that your connection is safe, that your personal information is protected, and that you are able to bypass any geographical restrictions.

Not enough video memory

The game will be slower to respond and seem sluggish if you do not have a computer that contains enough video memory to correctly draw items displayed on the computer screen. Because the computer struggles to create the game images, low video memory can become the reason for latency and sluggish game performance in online games.

Reduce the quality in the game's "Video Settings" in order to enhance video performance. On the other hand, you may require to change your video card from the computer system if you do not want to lower the game's video quality.

Check Your Hardware Specifications

Your computer lacks the required hardware to keep up with the game, which may be the major cause of sluggish game performance. The hardware support required by your PC changes as games progress, which implies that you will require at least the bare minimum of hardware to play the game. This is critical since games demand your computer to do thousands of computations per second; your computer will suffer if it lacks the necessary processing capacity. Consider how a tiny car is attempting to tow a large trailer. If the car is too tiny to tow the trailer, it will struggle greatly - and the same is true for your computer.

Update Your Graphics Drivers

You must have the correct graphics drivers to play the game smoothly, as graphics are an important aspect of any game. You should check with the makers to see whether any new versions have been issued on the basis of the operating system and graphics card you have. ATI and Nvidia are the two most popular graphics card manufacturers. These manufacturers may help to boost your graphics card as they are constantly updating their drivers.

Close down all other applications when playing

If your computer's hardware is capable of playing the game and you are playing the game, make sure you do not have any other applications running. This will make it unable to handle the processes required to make your game function effectively as well as reduce your system's effectiveness. You can close all other programs running under your username with the help of accessing the task manager, which can be opened by pressing CTRL + ALT + DELETE. Then, select the "Processes" tab, then click on any program that you want to close and press "End Process." This should not allow your computer to concentrate on any other programmes running in the background even help your computer to concentrate solely on your game.

Clean out the registry

The registry is also a major cause of game lag. The registry works for saving information and settings for your computer as it is essentially a database, which allows it to "recall" a variety of options for your computer and applications. The registry, on the other hand, is the primary cause of game lag. This is because your computer will need a large number of settings to load up at the time you play the game on the computer, and your computer will be unable to load the game swiftly if any of those settings are corrupted in any way. This is a very common problem, and you can remedy it and removing any broken registry settings from within it with the help of scanning your PC with a registry cleaner, which might help to speed up your game drastically.

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