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How many keys are on a computer keyboard?

Despite the fact that there is no universally accepted standard for the number of keys, buttons, or characters on a keyboard, the de facto norm of a PC keyboard with 104 alphanumeric keys is used by most organisations. The amount of keys changes from model to model due to the numerous different manufacturers over the years. This article lists the key counts for many of the most prevalent keyboard types in their respective classes.

How many keys are on a computer keyboard

IBM/PC keyboards

  • 83 keys on the first IBM PC keyboard (1981).
  • 84 keys on the AT keyboard
  • 84 keys on the updated IBM PC Keyboard (1984).
  • 101 keys on the AT Enhanced Keyboard
  • 101 keys on a traditional US keyboard
  • 102 keys on the Enhanced European Keyboard
  • 104 keys on the Windows keyboard
  • 86-key laptop keyboard for Windows
  • Multimedia software for Windows, the number of special keys on the keyboard varies.

Apple keyboards

  • 109 keys on the Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad
  • 78 keys on the Apple Wireless Keyboard
  • 78 keys on the Apple MacBook Air laptop

Miscellaneous keyboards

Other keyboard layouts, such as those used in Korea, Japan, and Brazil, may have more than 104 keys. Furthermore, keyboards with special keys for operating a CD drive or Media Center capabilities may have several hundred extra keys. Because they contain programmable keys, some keyboards can be labelled as programmable or gaming keyboards.

110 to 115 keys are common on programmable keyboards, media keyboards, and gaming keyboards. The number of keys they have is determined by the extra functionality they bring to a computer and its users.

How many keys are on the numeric keypad?

On most desktop computer keyboards; the numeric keypad has 18 keys on Apple keyboards and 17 keys on PC keyboards.

A numeric keypad is available on some laptop keyboards, while it is not available on others. Most laptops with a screen size of 15 inches or more have a numeric keypad. A numeric keypad is frequently absent from laptops with smaller screens.


An external USB numeric keypad may be linked to some PCs. Any number of keys can be found on an external USB numeric keypad. For instance, 31 keys are available on the one shown on the numeric keypad page.

When it comes to a phone keypad or a security keypad, 12 buttons are included on this keypad. The 0 through 9 numerals, as well as the pound (#) and asterisk (*) keys.

How many function keys are on a keyboard?

F1 through F12 are the function keys on today's standard PC keyboards. F1 through F24 are the function keys on some specialized PC keyboards.

F1 through F19 are function keys on many Apple desktop computer keyboards with a number pad.

How many number keys are on a keyboard?

There are ten number keys in the top row of a keyboard, which correspond to the digits 1 through 0.

If a numeric keypad (1 through 0) is included on the keyboard, there are twenty number keys on it.

On a keyboard, how many alphabetic keys are there?

The number of alphabetic keys on an English computer keyboard is the same as the alphabetic letters: For 26 letters of English, there are 26 keys available.

How many symbols are on a keyboard?

There are 40 symbols (e.g., @, #, $, and others) on 28 keys on an English QWERTY keyboard, which are considered neither letters nor numbers. Because certain keys have two symbols, there is a numerical discrepancy.

Note The arrow keys are not included in the above list, which includes the Windows and Menu keys (3 keys).

How many arrow keys are on a keyboard?

On a keyboard, four arrow keys (right, left, up and down) are found. On most PC keyboards' number pad if you count the arrow keys, there are eight of them. There is a total of eight arrow keys on most PC keyboards' number pad if you count the arrow keys.

How many rows of keys are there on a keyboard?

There are six rows of keys when counting the function keys row. The alphabetic letters in three of those rows (top, home, and bottom) are not in alphabetical order. Your fingers should be on the home row when you place your hand on the keyboard.

How Many Types of Keys are There on a Keyboard?

Now that we know how many keys are on a conventional Microsoft Windows keyboard, we should figure out how many distinct types of keys are present. The five types of keys on a keyboard are alphabet keys, number keys, special keys, function keys, and navigation keys. Each key and key type has been designed to serve a certain purpose.

1. Alphabet Keys

You can reach the letter or alphabet keys from A to Z now that we're talking about ordinary keyboards. You have 26 different keys at your disposal. It's worth noting that the keys are not all in alphabetical sequence. The symbols are included in the alphabet keys as well. In that instance, you will have a total of 54 keys containing 76 distinct characters.

2. Number Keys

The numeric keys 0 to 9 are included in the number keys. If your keyboard has a numeric keypad, you'll have 17 keys. The number keys, as well as the numeric keypad, are positioned at the top of the first row.

3. Special Keys or Control Keys

The control keys and special are used to control the system and what is displayed on your computer screen. There are various control keys; some are: The Tab key, Shift key, Caps Lock key, Backspace, Space bar, Enter key, Ctrl key, and CapsLock keys to name just a few.

4. Function Keys

The Function keys are intended to give you access to a limited number of functions. The keys from F1 to F12 are included in this set of function keys. Each of these keys has a different function depending on the software. It also depends on the operating system you are using. In some circumstances, mechanical and gaming keys may include 24 function keys.

5. Navigation Keys

The navigation keys have specific navigational functions. The cursor keys, such as down, up, left, and right, fall within this category. Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, and Delete are just a handful of the navigational keys you should think about.

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