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How much do Computer Programmers make

With the growing technology, more and more students, after completing their schooling, choose computer-related fields for their higher studies and find their careers in the same field. Programming is one such field in which many students find the interest and choose programming as their career option. There are a number of programmers present all over the globe, and they are paid as per the level of their skills and experience. Usually, a fresh coder has a low pay scale because they do not have enough practical knowledge and experience with the real-time implementation of the objects. If you are thinking of choosing programming as your career field and searching for the salary package of a computer programmer, you are in the right place.

Here, we will discuss the salary package of a computer engineer and let you know the skills you need to develop or to enhance your programming skills.

Who are Computer Programmers

Computer Programmers are the persons who learn to perform coding in different programming languages. Programming languages are the languages that allow the development of new logics so as to initiate the creation of new applications and software. A computer programmer learns to develop code in varying programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Php, etc. These languages are the basic level programming languages that are the base for all new emerging technologies. All the trending and emerging technologies are based on these basic programming languages only. These emerging technologies developers are none other than the computer programmers who use their basic level skills to develop and bring more powerful platforms for us.

What skills should one have to become a Computer Programmer

Well said! If your root is strong, you will definitely lead a bright future ahead. It means that if a person is quite clear with the basic concepts of a programming language, it becomes easy to move towards the programming career with confidence. There are so many people roaming who still don't know whether they have their basic level concepts clear or not. Some people choose the programming field because their friends do so, and some choose it because they find a good salary scope in the future. If you are among these people, it is recommended to make up your own will and mind. It is because we run in the race with others without knowing our own interests, skills, and talent. In order to become a good computer programmer, have a look at the below-discussed points:

  • Initially, find your interest and make your mind clear that you want to move in the field of Computer Programming and want to grow yourself in this field only or you want to do something else.
  • After setting your mind, choose one programming language in which you find the highest interest because, in schools/colleges, we almost learn about each basic programming language. Choose the one in which you are at your best level.
  • Now, increase your skill level by learning more and more about the language and enhance your skills. There are various ways through which you can enhance your skills either by online learning platforms, joining coaching classes, coding bootcamps, or attending the lectures in the colleges. One can enhance the coding skills by regularly practicing the code by writing that will increase mind thinking ability and problem-solving skills. Inspite of this, some awesome computer programmers started learning to code on their own by spending a good amount of time on coding. So, there are many ways through which you can start coding and become a good programmer.

Salary of a Computer Programmer

How much do Computer Programmers make

If you are enough to clear and satisfied with your coding skills, you can expect your salary per provided by your experience level, organization level, and workplace. Everything covers up a level in which one starts from Level 1 and reaches the peak after gaining experience. Similarly, in the corporate world, different levels have been defined for every particular job. The salary ranges according to the level. If a person enters the corporate world as a fresher, the salary package is the lowest as compared to other levels, and as soon as the person reaches a higher level, the salary package also increases. The salary package of a computer programmer also depends on the programming language. It is because it is the world of technology where no technology is standstill. Thus, one needs to sharpen the skills and always need to remain updated. Usually, there are three levels or three types of computer programmers. These levels or types are:

  • Entry-Level Programmers: They are the beginners who have just entered the field of computer programming as a fresher. These freshers are usually those candidates who have just completed their degree/diploma programs from any recognized university/college and started their careers in the programming field. The entry-level programmers are kept under the guidance of a senior computer programmer to guide, assess, and assign tasks to the new programmers. An entry-level programmer, no doubt, has the least salary package among the three levels.
  • Junior-Level Programmers: These types of programmers are 1-9 years experienced group of people who have decided to move their career track in the programming field only. An entry-level programmer when completes one or more years of experience in the programming field, the person is promoted as a Junior computer programmer. As a junior-level programmer, the salary package differs on the basis of the skills and dedicated working hours for the company. If you are talented enough, working well, and the company finds you as a valuable employee, it is expected that you will achieve good growth in your annual package.
  • Senior-Level Programmers: When a person reaches its senior level, it means that person is known as a Computer Programmer Expert. The senior-level programmers are the experts who gain a high experience of around 10+years in the computer programming field. The advanced and emerging software and applications are devoted to these experts only. Such a group of people handles the biggest responsibilities of an organization. So, they are generally found strict and punctual for the work. All these things lead them to a great appraisal by the company. The senior-level computer programmers have the highest salary package.

Let's discuss the salary package of the Computer Programmers as per their levels.

Entry-Level Computer Programmer

The average pay scale of a beginner computer programmer starts from around $52,000 per annum. In India, the average salary package is around Rs 5 Lacs per annum. However, it also depends on the type of organization and working place.

Junior-Level Computer Programmer

The salary of the junior programmer group is actually diversified because of their skills and experience level. However, the average salary of a junior programmer is around $65,000 per annum. In India, the average salary package of a junior computer programmer ranges between Rs 401444 - Rs 524,142. It also depends on the organization and the place of working.

Senior-Level Computer Programmer

A senior-level computer programmer earns the highest salary package. The average salary package of a senior computer programmer is around $96,000 per annum. The average salary of an Indian programming expert is around Rs 742,500 depending on the organization level and working place.

It is recommended that not to follow programming because of its scope, but follow if you have a passion for it.

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