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Shortcut Keys Present in Excel

What is Shortcut Keys?

Shortcut Keys are the process of pressing two or more three keys at the same time to invoke a function in the operating system or application. The keyboard shortcut is called hotkey, accelerator key, access key, shortcut, or shortcut key, which invokes the required software program or command.

Why use Shortcut Key?

There are several advantages of using Shortcut Key. Some of the points are listed as follows:

  • By using the Shortcut Key, the user can increase the efficiency and productivity of the data.
  • The work time of the user is reduced, and the job is done fastly.
  • Using the shortcut Key, the process is done quickly without using the mouse.
  • Using the shortcut key reduces the user's stress by simplifying the process.

For example, to select all the data present in the worksheet, press Ctrl+A. Similarly, based on the requirement, the shortcut key is used.

How to find Excel Keyboard Shortcut Keys?

To find the Shortcut keys present in Excel, the steps to be followed are:

  • Open the MS Excel Worksheet.
  • Press the Alt key on the keyboard.
  • The Excel ribbon displays the shortcut in the Toolbar.
Shortcut Keys Present in Excel

Shortcut Keys Present in Excel

The various shortcut keys Present in Excel is as follows:

Shortcut Key Action
Ctrl+A Select all the data
Ctrl+B Bold
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+D Fill Down
Ctrl+E Flash Fill
Ctrl+F Find
Ctrl+G Goto
Ctrl+H Replace
Ctrl+I Italic
Ctrl+K Insert Hyperlink
Ctrl+N New Workbook
Ctrl+O Open
Ctrl+P Print
Ctrl+R Fill Right
Ctrl+S Save
Ctrl+U Underline
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+W Close
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+Y Repeat
Ctrl+Z Undo
F1 Help
F2 Edit
F3 Paste Name
F4 The last action is repeated
F5 Goto
F4 Switching between absolute and relative reference is done while typing the formula.
F6 Next Page
F7 Spell Check
F8 Extend Mode
F9 The workbooks are recalculated
F10 Activate Menubar
F11 New Chart
F12 Save As
Ctrl+: To insert the Current time
Ctrl+; To insert the Current Date
Ctrl+" Copy Value from cell Above
Ctrl+' Copy the formula from the cell Above
Shift The Shift key holds down additional functions in Excel's Menu
Shift+F1 What's this?
Shift+F2 Edit cell comment
Shift +F3 Paste the function into the formula
Shift+F4 Find Next
Shift+F5 Find
Shift +F6 Previous Pane
Shift+F8 Add to selection
Shift+F9 Calculate Active Worksheet
Ctrl+Alt+F9 The worksheet in all open workbooks is calculated regardless of whether any change has occurred since the last calculated data.
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F9 It rechecks the dependent formulas and calculates all the cells in all open workbooks, which includes cells not marked as needing to be calculated.
Shift+F10 The shortcut menu is displayed
Shift+F11 New Worksheet
Shift+F12 Save
Ctrl+F3 Define Name
Ctrl+F4 Close
Ctrl+F5 XL, restore window size
Ctrl+F6 Next Workbook Window
Shift+Ctrl+F6 Previous Workbook Window
Ctrl+F7 Move Window
Ctrl+F8 Resize Window
Ctrl+F9 Minimize Workbook
Ctrl+F10 Maximize or restore window
Ctrl+F11 Insert 4.0 Macro sheet
Ctrl+F12 File Open
Alt+F1 Insert Chart
Alt+F2 Save As
Alt+F4 Exit
Alt+F8 Macro dialog box
Alt+F11 Visual Basic Editor
Ctrl+Shift+F3 Create a name by using the names of row and column labels.
Ctrl+Shift+F6 Previous Window
Ctrl+Shift+F12 Print
Alt+Shift+F2 Save
Alt+Shift+F1 New worksheet
Alt+= AutoSum
Ctrl+' Toggle Value/Formula display
Ctrl+Shift+A Insert argument names into the formula
Alt+Down Arrow Display Autocomplete List
Alt+' Format Style dialog box
Ctrl+Shift+~ General Format
Ctrl+Shift+! Comma format
Ctrl+Shift+@ Time format
Ctrl+Shift+# Date Format
Ctrl+Shift+$ Currency Format
Ctrl+Shift+% Percent Format
Ctrl+Shift+^ Exponential Format
Ctrl+Shift+& Place outline border around selected cells
Ctrl+Shift+_ Remove outline border
Ctrl+Shift+* Select the current region around the active cell. In a Pivot Table report, select the entire Pivot Table report.
Ctrl + + Insert
Ctrl + - Delete
Ctrl+1 Format cells dialog box
Ctrl+2 Bold
Ctrl+3 Italic
Ctrl+4 Underline
Ctrl+5 Strikethrough
Ctrl+6 Show/Hide objects
Ctrl+7 Show/Hide Standard toolbar
Ctrl+8 Toggle Outline Symbols
Ctrl+9 Hide rows
Ctrl+0 Hide Columns
Ctrl+Shift+( Unhide Rows
Ctrl+Shift+) Unhide Columns
Alt or F10 Activate the Menu
Ctrl+Tab In Toolbar: next Toolbar in a workbook: activate next workbook
Shift+Ctrl+Tab In Toolbar: previous Toolbar in a workbook: activate the previous workbook
Tab Next tool
Shift+Tab Previous Tool
Enter Do the command
Alt+Enter Start a new line in the same cell
Ctrl+Enter Fill the selected cell range with the current entry
Shift+Ctrl+F Font Drop Down List
Shift+Ctrl+F+F Font tab of Format Cell Dialog box
Shift+Ctrl+P Point Size Drop-down List
Ctrl+Spacebar Select the entire column
Shift+Spacebar Select the entire row
Ctrl+Backspace It jumps back to the active cell, and the view of the cell is shown
Ctrl+/ The array containing active cells is selected
Ctrl+Shift+0 The cell containing comments is selected
Ctrl+[ The cells which are directly referenced by formulas are selected
Ctrl+\ In the selected range, the cell that doesn't match the formula or static Value in the active cell
Ctrl+Shift+I The cells that don't match the formula or static Value in the active cell are selected in the selected column.
Ctrl+Shift+{ All cells which are directly or indirectly referenced by the formula are selected.
Ctrl+] The cells containing a formula that directly references the active cell are selected.
Ctrl+Shift+} The cell containing a formula directly or indirectly references the active cell is selected.
Alt+; The visible cell in the current selection is selected
Shift+Backspace Among the multiple cells selected, the active cell only is selected
Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar 1. The entire worksheet is selected 2 . If the worksheet contains data, the current region is selected. While pressing the second time, the entire worksheet is selected. 4. When an object is selected, the Ctrl+Shift+Space bar is clicked to select all objects in the worksheet.
Ctrl+Alt+L The filter and sort function is reapplied in the selected range, so the new changes are included.
Ctrl+Alt+V It displays the Paste Special Dialog box after a text, object, or cell content is copied in a worksheet.

These are some of the Excel shortcut keys tabulated along with their functions.

Visual Basic Editor

The Visual Basic Editor present in Excel, also called VBA editor; VB editor, or VBE, is used to create scripts. It is used to automate the repetitive task and gives customized solutions. The VBA performs calculations and data manipulation and interacts with the other software application.

The shortcut Key used in VBA is defined as follows:

Shortcut Key Action
F1 Help
F2 View Object Browser
F3 Find Next
F4 Properties Window
F5 Run Sub/Form or Run Macro
F6 Switch Split Window
F7 View Code Window
F8 Step Into
F9 Toggle Breakpoint
F10 Activate Menu bar
Shift+F2 View Definition
Shift+F3 Find Previous
Shift+F7 View Object
Shift+F8 Step Over
Shift+F9 Quick Watch
Shift+F10 Show Right Click Menu
Ctrl+F2 Focus on the Object box
Ctrl+F4 Close Window
Ctrl+F8 Run to Cursor
Ctrl+F10 Activate Menu bar
Alt+F4 Close VBE
Alt+F6 Switch between the last two windows
Alt+F11 Return to Application
Ctrl+Shift+F2 Go to the last position
Ctrl+Shift+F8 Step Out
Ctrl+Shift+F9 Clear All Breakpoints
Insert Toggle Insert Mode
Delete Delete
Home Move to the beginning of the line
End Move to the end of the line
Page Up Page Up
Page Down Page Down
Left Arrow Left
Right Arrow Right
Up Arrow Up
Down Arrow Down
Tab Indent
Enter New Line
Backspace Delete Prev Char
Shift+Insert Paste
Shift+Home Select Start of Line
Shift+End Select End of Line
Shift+Page Up Select to Top of the Module
Shift+Page Down Select End of Module
Shift+Left Arrow Extend Selection Left 1 Char
Shift+Right Arrow Extend Selection Right 1 Char
Shift+Up Arrow Extend Selection Up
Shift+Down Arrow Extend Selection Down
Shift+Tab Outdent
Alt+Spacebar System Menu
Alt+Tab Cycle Applications
Alt+Backspace Undo
Ctrl+A Select All
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+E Export Module
Ctrl+F Find
Ctrl+G Immediate Window
Ctrl+H Replace
Ctrl+I Turn on Quick info
Ctr+J List Properties/Methods
Ctrl+L Show Call Stack
Ctrl+M Import File
Ctrl+N New Line
Ctrl+P Print
Ctrl+R Project Explorer
Ctrl+S Save
Ctrl+T Show Available Components
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+Y Cut Entire Line
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Insert Copy
Ctrl+Delete Delete to End of Word
Ctrl+Home Top of Module
Ctrl+End End of Module
Ctrl+Page Up Top of Current Procedure
Ctrl+Page Down End of Current Procedure
Ctrl+ Left Arrow Move one word to the left
Ctrl+Right Arrow Move one word to Right
Ctrl+Up Arrow Previous Procedure
Ctrl+ Down Arrow Next Procedure
Ctrl+Space bar Complete Word
Ctrl+ Tab Cycle Windows
Ctrl+ Backspace Delete to Start of Word
Ctrl+ Break/Pause Break
Ctrl+Shift+I Parameter Info
Ctrl+Shift+J List Constants


The various shortcut keys for Excel and VBA are tabulated in this tutorial. Shortcut keys work effectively to complete the task quickly. While working with multiple worksheets, the shortcut keys help multitask efficiently.

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