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Excel ISNA Function

ISNA function helps to get rid of #N/A code error

Using ISNA function we can tell Excel to leave the cell blank or to display any desired text like "not found" instead of displaying #N/A code error. See how the function is used in the example:

The function is:

The above function has three parts:

First part: =if(isna(vlookup(E4,list1,2,false)), It means if the function don't find the value of cell E4 in List1 then display second part.

Second part: "", It means leave the cell blank. You can write text between quotation marks that you want to display instead of a blank cell.

Third part: vlookup(E4,list1,2,false)) It means if the function finds the value then perform vlookup as usual. See the images given below:

isna in Excel isna in Excel

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