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INT or integer number capability in Succeed returns the closest integer number of a given number. This capability is utilized when we have countless informational collections. Every information is in an alternate configuration. For instance, float, this capability returns the number piece of the number.

The Microsoft Succeed INT capability is a capability that is liable for returning the whole number part of a number. It works by adjusting down a decimal number to a whole number. It is an inherent Succeed capability. It is sorted as a Math and Trig Capability in Succeed. It is utilized either as a worksheet capability or a VBA capability

It tends to be placed as a piece of the INT recipe, a cell of a worksheet. Here, negative numbers become more negative in light of the fact that the capability adjusts down. For instance, INT (10.6) returns 10 and INT (- 10.6) returns - 11




It acknowledges the accompanying boundaries and contentions:


number: The number to be placed from which you need a whole number.

return value

The return worth will be a numeric whole number.

Utilization Notes

  1. It very well may be utilized when you need just the whole number piece of a number in its decimal structure with adjusting the number down. For instance, INT (3.89) returns the worth 3.
  2. The number capability generally adjusts down the number entered in the recipe to the following least number worth.
  3. We can likewise utilize the TRUNC capability in succeed, to get the number piece of both negative and positive numbers.

How to Open the Whole number Capability in Succeed?

The following are the moves toward open whole number capability in succeed -

  • In the first place, we can embed the ideal whole number Succeed recipe in the necessary cell to accomplish a return esteem on the contention.
  • We can physically open the INT recipe exchange enclose the bookkeeping sheet and enter the sensible qualities to achieve a bring esteem back.
  • Consider the screen capture beneath to see the INT Capability in the succeed choice under the Math and Trig Capability menu.
  • Click on the INT capability choice. The INT equation in the succeed discourse box might open where we can put the contention values to get a bring esteem back.

How to Utilize INT in excel?

Excel INT capability is extremely straightforward and simple to utilize. Allow us to look beneath at a portion of the instances of the INT capability in Succeed. These models will assist you with investigating the utilization of the INT capability in Excel.


In light of the above INT in the Excel bookkeeping sheet, let us consider these models and see the SUBTOTAL capability return in light of the linguistic structure of the INT recipe in Excel.


INT Succeed Capability Blunders

In the event that we get any mistake from the INT Succeed capability, it tends to be any of the accompanying:

#NAME? - This blunder happens when Succeed doesn't perceive the text in the equation. For instance, we might have entered some unacceptable text in the capability's punctuation.

#Esteem! - Assuming we enter some unacceptable sort of contention in the grammar of the capability, we will get this blunder in Microsoft Succeed.

#REF! - Microsoft Succeed will show this mistake in the event that the equation alludes to a cell that isn't legitimate.

Things to Remember:

  • It returns the whole number place of the number.
  • It adjusts down the decimal number to its whole number.
  • It is classified under the "Math and Trig" capability.
  • Assume we utilize the Whole number capability; negative numbers become more negative since it adjusts down the number. For instance, INT (10.6) returns 10 and INT (- 10.6) returns - 11.


The following are a couple of models where it is by and large utilized.

  • Separating dates from a date and schedule
  • Cash division number cruncher
  • Getting age from birthday
  • Adjusting a number to 'n' critical digits
  • Ascertaining a long time between dates
  • Getting the number piece of a number

All in all, the INT capability in Succeed is a numerical capability used to cycle a number down to the closest number by shortening the decimal part. Its essential linguistic structure is =INT(number), where "number" is the worth you need to adjust down. Central issues about the INT capability include:


The INT capability is essentially utilized for changing numbers over completely to their number part by disposing of any decimal qualities.


The capability generally adjusts down, meaning it moves towards zero on the number line. Positive numbers are adjusted to the more modest number, and negative numbers are adjusted to the bigger (more positive) number.

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