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How do you convert Notepad to Excel?

Excel is a powerful tool as it contains enormous functions and features. It has valuable formulas and procedures, and it is also used to integrate with other software programs such as Notepad, PowerPoint, and Word to create documents and spreadsheets faster. In this tutorial, the steps to convert Notepad to Excel are explained.

What is Notepad?

Notepad is a pre-loaded function present in the Windows Operating System. The user can access this software for free on Windows Computer. As the name indicates, Notepad is used to write the text in the desired format, whether long or short. Notepad is a familiar software application due to its simple and intuitive interface feature.

Features of Notepad

The features of Notepad are listed as follows:

  • Notepad is a text editor which is used to add text. If graphics or images are added, it won't work.
  • The Notepad software application and earlier versions, such as Windows 7, are available in the Windows operating system. It consists of various options such as File, Edit, Format, View, Help, Save As, Page Setup, etc. The users are already familiar with the command as it is present on the Keyboard.
  • The text present in Notepad is saved in the .txt extension in the desired location.
  • The Edit option present in Notepad consists of various options, such as
    How do you convert Notepad to Excel?
  • The users are familiar with these options, as it is already present in the Keyboard. The users can use these commands based on the data requirement.
  • Each command has its functions and features. For example, the "Find and Replace" command is used to find and replace the selective word with the desired word. The "Go To" command is used to navigate the text.
  • The Format option contains two options such as,
    How do you convert Notepad to Excel?
  • If the Word Wrap functionality is turned on while typing the text, it will automatically display in the following line like a word processing program. The user doesn't need to scroll towards the right to see what the text will present.
  • If the Word Wrap functionality is turned off, the entered text will display in a single line.
  • The Font option chooses the desired font type for the text.
  • The View bar consists of the Status bar option, which can be turned on or off based on the requirement.
    How do you convert Notepad to Excel?
  • The Status bar is linked to Word Wrap. If the Word Wrap function is turned off, the Status bar indicates the location where the cursor will present in the Notepad. The following image describes the cursor in Line 1 of Column 1.
    How do you convert Notepad to Excel?
  • If the Word Wrap function is turned on, the status bar indicates the blank in the lower border of the status bar.
  • The Windows 10 with the May 2020 update features text zooming. The text zooming feature is used to increase or decrease the size of the text.
  • The user can save the document in a .html file extension if the created file is HTML.
  • The user can save files with different encodings present in the list

When should we convert the data to Excel via Notepad?

There is a specific scenario where the data are transferred to Excel via Notepad. Some reasons to convert data from Notepad to Excel are listed here.

Long data

The data can be transferred to Excel based on its content. The data might be more significant based on the survey or information regarding organization, school or college announcements. Hence, entering and organizing the data manually is not possible. Therefore, transferring the data to Excel allows the work to be completed quickly and easily. The data can be transferred to Excel using Notepad. If the data is copied and pasted directly into Excel, invisible spaces, characters, or tabs may occur.

For transferring Profiles

To display the employee's profile of an organization or student's information or data in Excel. First, it is pasted into Notepad and then moved to an Excel worksheet. While pasting the data in Notepad, the data will be displayed in an organized and suitable format. The profiles contain basic information such as paragraphs, multiple sections of content, etc., so the design should not be changed. We will copy and paste the data. If the content is copied and pasted into the Excel worksheet, it helps to update the new information, which maintains the data in an up-to-date form.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Excel provides a wide range of formulas and functions to perform data analysis, such as creating graphs and charts and performing calculations.

Data Visualization can be performed in Excel to visualize trends, patterns, and relationships within your data.

Data Cleaning

Excel provides several features, such as filtering and sorting, to clean and filter the data. These features remove the duplicate data present in the data, thus representing the original data.


While working in Project work, multiple workers need to access and work with the data, called team collaboration. Excel provides team collaboration, allowing the user to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

Integration with other features

Excel provides integration with several features such as pivot tables, data validation, charts and graphs to calculate the result. Hence, converting the data to Excel for calculation is helpful in many ways.

Points to be followed while converting data from Notepad to Excel

Here is the list of topics to be followed while converting Notepad to Excel.

Prepare the data in the Notepad.

To convert the data present in the Notepad to Excel, arrange the required Notepad containing data in a summary. By creating the resume, it is easy to convert the data efficiently.

Create Separate documents

While creating the summary of Notepad, create a separate notepad for every data rather than placing all the data in one place. If all the data are set in a single document, the initial transfer is more effortless; later, copying each text box to another cell takes more time than pasting the individual notepad data in Excel.

Organize the Notepad in one place.

Keeping the entire Notepad in one place while transferring the data from the Notepad to Excel is recommended. Sometimes, the particular Notepad is accessed repeatedly, and data present in various Notepads are linked. Therefore, placing the entire Notepad in the desired location makes it easy to access the data quickly and efficiently.

How to convert the data present in Notepad to Excel?

The steps to be followed to convert the data present in Excel to Notepad are as follows:

1. Pick the External data

Open the Excel worksheet where the data will be pasted from External sources. Choose the option Data>From text present in the "Get External tab" group.

How do you convert Notepad to Excel?

The Import Text file dialog box will display. In that case, choose the Notepad file containing data from the respective location.

2. Choose the desired location

In the Import Text file dialogue box, choose the required file present in the Notepad. The required file can be displayed in Excel where the cursor is current.

3. Text Import Wizard

The "Text Import Wizard" dialog box will display. The Text Import is used for file transfer.

How do you convert Notepad to Excel?

The Text Import Wizard displays two options called "Delimited" and "Fixed Width". The delimited option is used to delimit the data, such as commas or tabs, to separate each field. Using the delimited option, the data is represented in a format consisting of spaces and commas to display appropriately.

After selecting the "Delimited" option, click Next, and the "Data Preview" option is shown. In the data preview option, the user can adjust the text manually by correcting the spacing issue or error in the Next. After the preview is finished, click the option "Next".

4. Complete the Text Import Wizard

In the final stage of the Text Import Wizard, the user can view how Excel can format the file. The Text Import Wizard contains General, Text, Data, and Do not Import Column options.

How do you convert Notepad to Excel?

The General option converts the numeric value to dates, numbers, etc. This method effectively converts the text containing numbers and dates with multiple formats.

The Date format is used to convert the number format into dates. This method is effective when converting data consisting of only numbers.

The option "Do not import column" transfers text without transferring each text in a column format. This method is effective for sharing all the data in a single line.

Save all the changes and click "Finish" to transfer the data to Excel.


Convert the data present in the Notepad to Excel

Open the Notepad containing the required data as follows:

How do you convert Notepad to Excel?

The Notepad consists of the marks of various students in their respective subjects.

How do you convert Notepad to Excel?

The necessary changes are done in Text Import Wizard to convert the data.

How do you convert Notepad to Excel?

The Import Data dialogue box shows where the data will be displayed. In this example, the data is displayed in the cell range starting with H10 as follows:

How do you convert Notepad to Excel?

The data present in Notepad is converted to an Excel worksheet.


The methods to convert data from Notepad to Excel are explained in this tutorial. The user can apply necessary changes in the document while converting the document. The user can choose the appropriate data conversion method for the Excel worksheet.

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