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Medical Bill Format

Would you like to receive professional invoices in seconds or save time when creating invoices for your clients?

Do you work in a hospital or pharmacy and want to make bills for your customers quickly and easily? Do you want a copy of the computerized records of every sale and purchase made on that particular date in your pharmacy? Consumers now have higher expectations when making purchases, so the requirement for expert invoices is increased!

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You can avoid depending on manual records for billing by using the pharmacy bill format Excel! Additionally, you can save time by creating bills in a matter of seconds that include all the sale transaction details in the best possible order! The fact is, you can also edit your template to suit your needs!

Excel Pharmacy Bill Format Contents:

Examine the following components of this Excel bill to help you manage your pharmacy effectively:

Medical Bill Format

Basic details

Although all the invoices appear to be the same, there are differences in the fundamental information on each one! The items on this excel bill are

  • To: it includes the client's name.
  • The name of your pharmacy and logo are on the top of the invoice! Included in the basic details are the date and invoice number. They have produced themselves automatically.
  • Other information includes the license number, type of sale, and pharmacy's address and phone number.
  • A table containing the details of the sale transaction data
  • Row 1: It displays the contents of your bill along with the details of the sale transaction. The row displays the table headings, which include "quantity," "products," "rate," and "amount."
  • Now is the time to enter the sale transaction details in rows two and three.
  • For instance, enter the number of medications bought from the pharmacy, the name or type of the product in the product's cell, the price for a single medication or item, and the total amount for this product. The figure is computed automatically!
  • Total: The items, gross total, net amount, and any applicable discount are all included in this part of the bill.
  • By doing this, you avoid cheating at your pharmacy and save time!
  • Terms and conditions: You can add them now, subject to the terms and conditions! Add the terms, the exchange policy, and the days permitted for this exchange here if you accept returned items! Also, include the discount policy here!
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Benefits of the Excel Medical Receipt Template:

The template has additional features in addition to its polished appearance, such as:

  • Any type of modification can be made to the template!
  • You can constantly update the pharmacy's name, logo, and contact information! Include more contact information, such as the pharmacy's website, if necessary.
  • You can ask for our assistance or add tax rates or percentages if necessary!

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