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Maximum Rows in Excel

In this tutorial, you will learn maximum rows and how to find them in different situations.

Maximum Rows

Take a look at the worksheet preview below, for instance.

Maximum Rows in Excel

A1 cells are the active cells. It would help if you hit the shortcut key "Ctrl + Down Arrow" to navigate to the last row in this column. We shall be sent to the final row in the chosen cell column.

Maximum Rows in Excel

However, we must know that this shortcut will transport us to the most recently utilised cell without causing a cell break.

Take a look at the data preview below, for instance.

Maximum Rows in Excel

The first seven rows of column 1 contain some data; the A1 cell is the active cell. Pressing "Ctrl + Down Arrow" will navigate you to the final cell that has been utilised, not the worksheet's last row.

Maximum Rows in Excel

Without any cell breaks, this shortcut key will take you to the last cell you used. Take a look at the data preview below, for instance.

Maximum Rows in Excel

There is a one-row line break following the first seven rows, followed by another cell break and four more rows of data. Thus, we'll start by pressing the "Ctrl + Down Arrow" shortcut key. It will lead me to the seventh, final row used before the cell break.

Once more, we will utilise the shortcut key "Ctrl + Down Arrow" and observe its trajectory.

Maximum Rows in Excel

The following used cell-rather than the end of the final used cell-has been selected when you hit the shortcut key once more. The "Ctrl + Down Arrow" key must now be pressed. The 12th row will be the last row we use.

Maximum Rows in Excel

The final row for the worksheet will now be accessible if we hit "Ctrl + Down Arrow." Excel's maximum row count can be reached in this manner.

Keep User Action in Excel Limited to a Certain Number of Rows

It is common for us to wish for users not to utilise every row. Instead, they should use a particular range of cells or rows.

We have several options for accomplishing this. The methods for limiting user action to specific rows are listed below.

Employing the Hide Method

For instance, we can conceal all rows other than the first ten rows of data if we only want the user to be able to deal with those rows.

  • We must pick every row up to 10,48,576 rows to conceal from the eleventh row onward.
    Maximum Rows in Excel
  • Currently, right-click over the row header and select "Hide".
  • Only 10 rows will be shown to the user since all selected rows will be hidden. The user will only view 10 rows because all selected rows will be hidden. Maximum Rows in Excel
  • If the manual way of right-clicking and hiding rows is not to our liking, we can conceal rows using shortcut keys.

Click the shortcut key "Ctrl + 9" after choosing multiple rows to be hidden (the number 9 on the keyboard should come from the number, not the number pad). All it will do is hide the rows.

In this way, we may restrict what users can do with particular worksheets.

Things to Remember

  • The Excel 2003 version contains just 65,536 rows.
  • We now have over a million rows, starting with Excel 2007.
  • The computer must have an advanced processor and a minimum RAM capacity of 8 GB if every row is utilised.

Excel's Capacity to Handle How Many Data Rows?

  • The maximum number of rows and columns that an Excel spreadsheet can hold at once is 1,048,576.

With Excel Power Query, you will inevitably face constraints when working with large datasets. A feature of Microsoft Excel, as well as other MS data analysis resources like Power BI & SQL Server Analysis Services, in case you haven't heard of it, is Power Query. Data cleaning and modification are its uses. Data from various sources may be obtained, modified, and loaded to Excel or other data analysis tools using Power Query.

What Takes Place When More Than a Million Rows Are Loaded?

  • Depending on the capability of your equipment, a few things could happen. You won't, however, analyse this data or go above the Excel maximum row limit.
  • The Excel program on your computer will freeze.
  • There will be slow performance and data loss.

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