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Excel Projects for Practice

In this tutorial, we will show you a few Excel projects for practice, which will help you become Excel in MS Excel; practicing these projects will also help you do real-life projects and get to know the features of Excel better.

Which Excel projects for practice are practical and enjoyable?

These are some suggestions for enjoyable and practical Excel projects that you can try:

1. Get Help with Your Holiday Shopping with Excel

Have you ever spent hours online trying to find the ideal holiday presents? Is remembering what you still need to buy off your list difficult? If so, Excel may be useful.

  • Excel is the ideal tool when it comes to managing your holiday shopping. You can use Excel to list those you need to purchase gifts for and keep the items you have already bought and the ones still on your list.
  • You can even establish a budget for each individual and monitor your spending.
  • However, filling out your spreadsheet by hand could be necessary for this kind of project.

2. Create a Tracker for Your Budget

Do you feel prepared to take charge of your finances and improve your financial literacy?

This Excel project aims to help you manage your debts, savings, and investments by designing and developing a personal financial management tool.

Tasks that are suggested

  • Creating a budget
  • Keeping track of your earnings and expenditures
  • Examining your consuming habits
  • Displaying/visualizing your financial data

You'll then go into investment management by:

  • Tracking stock price movements, dividend payments, and portfolio results
  • To ensure you know exactly where your money is going, you can track your debts and manage your savings.

Required skills

Through the use of the following, this project will help you to improve your Excel skills:

  • Numerous other Excel features, including formulas, functions, and charts
  • But in addition to technical skills, you'll pick up some pretty significant life skills, such as managing your finances, making wise financial decisions, and drawing up a budget.
  • You'll also be able to make better financial decisions by understanding your financial status and managing your debts, savings, and investments in one location.

3. Employee Timetable Creator

Assume you are a company manager tasked with setting up a weekly timetable for your staff.

Therefore, your task is to create a tool for planning employee schedules that will make it simple to create a timetable that meets every worker's availability and chosen hours.

Tasks that are suggested

  • To begin, you'll need to get details about the days and times each of your staff members is available for work.
  • Next, you'll use that data to make an Excel spreadsheet that gives your team a weekly schedule.
  • Changes, like requests for time off or shift swaps, should be managed in the schedule.

The final product should be a schedule planner that is easy to use, effective and requires fewer manual steps.

Required skills

  • Plans for organizations
  • Formulas
  • Functions
  • Conditional formatting

4. System of Inventory Management

Searching for an actual, useful Microsoft Excel project? Consider creating and developing a spreadsheet for an online store's inventory management.

  • Today, there are numerous ecom stores, and anyone selling tangible goods will probably have to deal with inventory management.
  • Tools are available to help businesses track this, but they may not be what the business requires or may be costly. The majority of people still use Excel.

Therefore, you could build something like this for a business that provides value.

Tasks that are suggested

This project's ultimate goal is to achieve:

  • Keep an eye on stock levels.
  • Provide stock tracking reports to assist the company in managing its inventory.
  • Bonus points for your ability to predict future sales volume using time-series analysis.
  • Set it up to send out reminders when the company needs to restock inventory (to prevent running out!) to earn extra points!

Required skills

  • The spreadsheet must provide an easily readable summary of the company's inventory status and update in real-time when inventory levels fluctuate.
  • Developing this will allow you to experience working on a real-world business issue. You will gain knowledge of the many ways of inventory management, including monitoring stock levels, determining client demand, placing product orders, and producing reports for management.
  • Whatever field you choose to work in, you'll need to employ this kind of material in the future.

Because of this, finishing this project will give you a valuable addition to your portfolio?something that will show prospective employers that you are proficient with Excel and can apply your knowledge to practical situations and produce results that will benefit a company.

5. Loan calculator

Building a loan calculator spreadsheet is another fantastic way to test your Microsoft Excel abilities. Tasks that are suggested

  • It's a straightforward concept. Using an amortization schedule and interest rate, you will develop a spreadsheet that will assist consumers in estimating their loan payments.
  • You'll need to consider what details, such as the loan amount, rate of interest, and length of time, you require from the user.
  • The payment per month, the total amount of interest paid, and the amortization schedule will then be determined using that information.

Required Skills

  • Formulas and Functions
  • Conditional Formatting

The final product should be an easy-to-use spreadsheet that anybody can use to determine their loan payments.

It's a fantastic chance to improve your problem-solving skills, study finances, and hone your Excel skills while having fun and making a practical tool you will use in real life!

6. Grade Manager for Students

Developing a spreadsheet to help teachers easily monitor and handle student grades is another excellent way to improve your Excel skills when working on a real-world project.

Tasks that are suggested

  • You can enter each student's grades in all of their classes using this tool, and it will then compute their cumulative GPAs.
  • First, you'll need to set up the spreadsheet's basic structure, which includes columns for the students' names, classes, assignments, and GPAs.
  • The next step will be for you to start automatically formulating calculations that will determine each student's overall GPA. In other words, a student's GPA will be automatically updated each time a new grade is added.
  • You will have produced a tool that helps teachers efficiently manage their students' grades and saves them time.

Required skills

This project will improve your Excel skills, including data management, formulas, and function wizardry.

7. Analysis of Sales Trends

Making a spreadsheet to examine sales trends for a company could be a great way to exercise your analytical skills.

You will have the chance to delve deeply into sales data for this project to uncover insightful information that will aid management in making decisions.

Tasks that are suggested

First, you will gather sales information from a company and arrange it in a spreadsheet. However, that's only a taste of what's to come... using Excel's extensive feature set to:

  • Examine the information
  • Determine trends and patterns before offering some recommendations.

Required Skills

  • Make graphs and charts to help you see the data.
  • To draw attention to crucial information, use conditional formatting.
  • Utilize pivot tables to compile and gather data.
  • Even the Excel data model could be used for the experiment. Working with large datasets is made more accessible by the Data Model. Implementing your solution there is a good idea even though you don't technically contain any data you can work with.

Consider this an opportunity to experience what a day in the life of a data analyst might be like!

You will know more about how sales data can affect a company by the project's conclusion.

Along with developing your problem-solving skills, you'll also show off your abilities as you learn how to transform unstructured sales data into insightful discoveries and communicate them in a fun way.

8. The Dynamic Dashboard

The project aims to develop a dashboard that enables users to investigate and engage with the data in various ways.

The finished product will be a dynamic dashboard that offers insightful information and supports users in making data-driven decisions.

The user should be able to select a specific time frame or apply any number of dataset attributes to filter the data.

Tasks that are suggested

  • Okay, so be warned that some of the features below are technically more advanced than those in standard Excel.
  • Using Power Query, you'll first clean and transform your data.
  • Next, you'll utilize DAX, pivot tables, and formulas to set up calculated fields and analyze the data
  • After that, you'll produce graphs and additional visualizations that simplify the data.

Required Skills

You create a dynamic dashboard for this project that presents data in an engaging and eye-catching manner by utilizing Excel's business intelligence features.

Among the tools you'll be using are:

  • Pivot tables, charts, formulas, and Power BI software
  • Both DAX and Power Query
  • Using your advanced Excel skills and improving your business intelligence and data analysis abilities are two excellent things you can do with this project.

9. Geo-location Heat Maps Project

Consider working on a heatmap project if you intend to use Excel to create data visualizations.

Geolocation heatmaps are frequently used for the following purposes:

  • An analysis of traffic jams
  • Weather variations
  • indexes of humidity
  • Population density of cities
  • annual income per person
  • Indices of air pollution

Importing latitude and longitude data into your spreadsheet is necessary for this data visualization project. To display particular changes in your data, you must plot those onto a heatmap.

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