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Excel Courses

Introduction to Microsoft Excel by Coursera

In just 1.5 hours, we'll demystify the world of spreadsheets, equipping you with the skills to navigate Excel confidently. In this opening module, we'll acquaint ourselves with the Excel interface. Discover a range of tips to streamline your Excel experience. From effective cell formatting to utilising the Find and Replace feature, this module covers the basics of ensuring your spreadsheet looks polished and is easy to navigate. In this course we will be discovering the art of sorting and filtering to arrange information logically.

Practical exercises will ensure you grasp data entry and formatting basics, allowing you to present information in a clear and organised manner. Dive into data validation to prevent errors and maintain data accuracy. In the final module, discover a range of tips and tricks to enhance your efficiency in Excel. As you conclude this 1.5-hour journey through, you will be getting clear-cut clarity on Excel. Additionally, we gain insights into time-saving techniques that will boost your productivity. Practical examples will illustrate how to perform calculations efficiently, making you proficient in using Excel as a dynamic calculator. Therefore, a solid foundation in spreadsheet fundamentals and we explore advanced features to elevate proficiency.

Excel Courses

Excel Basics for Data Analysis by Coursera

Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet software that is widely used for 'data analysis.' We will Master the art of entering and formatting data for clarity and analysis. It is an extensive 11-hour program designed to equip participants with essential skills in utilising Microsoft Excel for effective data analysis. The course then explores data visualisation tools, guiding learners in creating and formatting various charts and employing conditional formatting to enhance data presentation. This course culminates in an engaging exploration of case studies and real-world applications, where participants can apply their acquired skills to practical scenarios.

An introduction to Macros and VBA scripting adds a powerful automation layer to participants' skill sets, while the course concludes with case studies and real-world applications. We will be getting basic familiarity with Excel is recommended, and access to a computer with Excel installed is advisable for optimal hands-on engagement. In the advanced stages of this 11-hour Excel course, participants will unravel the intricacies of ARRAY FORMULA for handling arrays of data, and consolidating information from multiple sheets or workbooks seamlessly. As collaboration is key in today's work environment, an entire hour is dedicated to collaboration and data sharing within Excel. The hands-on approach is emphasised, with interactive exercises and projects reinforcing each module's theoretical concepts.

Excel Courses

Excel for Beginners by Great Learning

Excel for Beginners is a 4.5-hour programme that Great Learning has carefully created and made accessible to equip people with the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel. It ensures that participants feel at ease and confident in the Excel environment and sets the stage for the next learning adventure. In order to improve data organisation, participants will learn how to verify data, check for errors, and use sorting and filtering tools. Additionally, participants will learn how to use conditional formatting to draw attention to important data points and sparklines for rapid trend analysis.

Excel pivot tables are revolutionary for data analysis and summary. Through addressing real-world examples, students will get a more profound comprehension of the ways in which Excel may be utilised in diverse settings. The instructor will ensure that students leave the course with a thorough understanding by addressing typical problems and offering advice on how to solve them. The Excel for Beginners course from Great Learning gives students a strong foundation in Excel while offering a comprehensive and approachable learning environment. It also explores more in-depth sophisticated data input methods, emphasising best practices to guarantee precision and expedite the procedure.

Excel Courses

Work Smarter with Microsoft Excel by Coursera

Work Smarter with Microsoft Excel, a revolutionary 20-hour course that is carefully crafted to improve your Excel skills and productivity. As they work through real-world examples, participants will integrate all of the skills they've acquired to create thorough solutions. It covers the collaborative aspects of Excel, such as sharing worksheets and co-authoring in Excel Online. Students will learn how to guarantee data integrity and expedite collaborative procedures. To support further study, the course materials offer downloadable tools, datasets, and thorough guidelines. Retaining data accuracy and integrity requires effective data validation.

The full range of Excel functions that are available is introduced in this session, enabling users to do complex calculations with dynamic outcomes. For thorough data integration, the courses also cover merging and appending queries. Participants will gain from an engaging learning environment that emphasises both academic comprehension and practical application during the course of the 20-hour programme.

Excel Courses

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