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Car loan Emi calculator in Excel

What Is EMI on a Car Loan?

  • An equated Monthly Installment is known as an EMI.
  • It entails paying back the principal amount of your loan and the interest that accumulates on the outstanding balance.
  • A longer loan term will result in lower EMIs and raise interest rates.
  • Always select a larger vehicle loan EMI to cut down on the amount and length of your interest.

Considerations for Loan Interest Rates

  • Before taking out a loan, check the interest rates several banks and other financial institutions offer.
  • Recognise the variations between interest rates that are fixed and variable.
  • To gain from falling interest rates, choose floating interest rates.
  • This interest rate will determine how much interest is charged in each EMI.

Car Loan Calculator Uses in an Excel Sheet

  • You may find out your monthly EMI with the aid of the auto loan calculator.
  • You will have access to the amount of interest that you will pay.
  • You can determine the principal amount reduction if you paid off a portion of it.
  • It will assist you in scheduling your other plans by your payments and EMIs.

Easy Steps for Using an Excel Sheet Car Loan Calculator

The following dataset will be used to create an Excel car loan calculator.

Car loan Emi calculator in Excel

1. Since the loan is being taken out for six months, we will compute the six instalments in a table.

Car loan Emi calculator in Excel

2. Since you made no instalment payments in the first month, your Principal will stay the same. Thus, cell A8 type:

= E5

3. Then press the Enter key.

Car loan Emi calculator in Excel

The PMT & ABS functions will now be used to compute the EMI. Because the result is negative, the PMT function interprets it as an outgoing payment. We, therefore, made it positive by using the ABS function.

4. Enter the subsequent formula in cell C10:


5. The first instalment can be obtained by using the Enter key.

The interest on the first instalment will now be determined. We'll apply the following formula to that:

Car loan Emi calculator in Excel
Monthly interest = Interest rate / 12 ? Amount

6. Press the Enter key after entering the following formula in cell E10.


Car loan Emi calculator in Excel

After determining the interest, it is possible to compute the Principal in the first instalment. Just deduct the interest of the matching EMI to complete the calculation.

7. The formula that we will employ in cell D10 is


8. For result, press the Enter key.

Car loan Emi calculator in Excel

The principle that is left over will vary for the second payment.

9. The following formula should be entered in cell A11 to calculate it.

= A10-D10

10. Press the Enter key.

Car loan Emi calculator in Excel

11. Drag on the Fill Handle icon to duplicate the formula for the additional cells.

12. Use the Fill Handle tool to also fill the Interest, Principal, and EMI columns.

The data for the six payments will then be shown to you, as seen in the image below.

Car loan Emi calculator in Excel

Let's now use the SUM function to determine how much interest you will pay overall.

13. In cell E17, enter the following formula to achieve that:


14. Press the Enter key to see the result.

Car loan Emi calculator in Excel

15. Lastly, it would help if you used the following formula to combine the Principal and interest to get the entire sum.

= E5+E17

16. To complete, click the Enter button.

Car loan Emi calculator in Excel

Important Information About Car Loan EMI

  • The principal and interest amounts are the two components of an EMI.
  • During the initial months of your car loan, the interest rate will be high.
  • During the first several months of your car loan, the Principal will be less.
  • You should make a sizable principal payment in advance to lower the maximum interest amount.
  • You will pay more interest throughout your home loan if the length of your car loan is extended.

Ways to Reduce Interest on Car Loans

  • You can quickly reduce the interest paid on your car loan if you pay off most of the capital upfront.
  • The remaining unpaid principal amount is the basis for calculating the interest amount on a car loan. Reduce the amount of your unpaid Principal to lower the interest.
  • You will save more interest the sooner you pay your initial outstanding loan balance.

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