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Travelling Bill Format in Excel

We can utilize the Excel Invoice Formula in Microsoft Excel to produce the customized format we can use as a template. It facilitates our day-to-day work more. This tutorial will show you how to make an Excel travel bill. By using this approach, we may steer clear of repetitive tasks.

What does the format for an Excel transport bill mean?

One kind of receipt is a transportation bill. The transport service provider often issues it. It is referred to as a transit invoice. The primary goal of this bill format is to remind customers to pay travel expenses. The accompanying figure provides an overview of this format. This figure shows the many components of a bill format.

In the following section of this summary, we will learn each component of the bill in detail.

Travelling Bill Format in Excel

Important Information in Excel for Transport Bill Format

An Excel transport bill format consists of five fundamental components. They are as follows:

  1. Business Name
  2. Client Data
  3. Transportation Receipt
  4. The Data's Description
  5. SUBTOTAL Estimate

Kinds of Data Included in the Transport Bill Format

Typically, a transport bill includes details about the shipping business. The format gives us a general notion of the many modes of transportation that may be available. Furthermore, this format provides an easy-to-understand cost computation for various modes of transportation.

Four Steps to Creating an Excel Transport Bill Format

The following four processes will be demonstrated in this part as they compose the format of a transport bill:

Step 1: Enter a company's details

We will first develop the company name part. This section will provide the company's phone number, email address, and website.

Travelling Bill Format in Excel

Step 2: Entering the customer's information into the transport bill template

  • The billing part is visible in step two. In this part, we must enter the customer's information. The name, company, phone number, address, email address/ID, and other customer details will be included in this area.
    Travelling Bill Format in Excel
  • In the Transportation Invoice section, we must additionally take note. Because it includes customer information, you must fill it out completely.
    Travelling Bill Format in Excel

Step 3: Utilize the Transportations Description

Detailed transport information will be added at this step. For example, a TRAVEL PURPOSE section can add more transportation options. Adding the appropriate money, we will consider whether the trip is one-way or two-way. By adding columns over ONE WAY/RETURN and ONE WAY AMOUNT, the total cost of travel using a single method may be found.

Travelling Bill Format in Excel

Step 4: Calculate the Subtotal

As the diagram below indicates, we will now develop the subtotal portion. The service tax payment amount is included in this section. We get the statement within the Total Due amount from this component.

Travelling Bill Format in Excel

An Additional Section

There will be two more parts to add.

  • The first one is within the Comments section and concerns the transit process.
    Travelling Bill Format in Excel
  • Another is the part where suppliers and buyers sign documents to be kept on file for any products delivered or received by transportation.
    Travelling Bill Format in Excel

Example Calculations for Developing an Excel Transport Bill Format

We will now examine an example calculation made in the above format, which we have utilized throughout this article. Let's investigate our options:

  • Let's first make some assumptions about the transportation details' values. The figure below shows our estimated value. The values for those columns are yours to use as you see fit.
    Travelling Bill Format in Excel
  • The formula for determining the total cost of transportation by road should now be entered into the first cell for the TOTAL column.
  • Next, enter the same formula within the Total column for the remaining two modes of transportation.
  • As a result, the SUBTOTAL portion contains the overall cost of transportation.
  • The actual cost of transportation must be obtained by adding service tax to the total amount.
  • To get the total due, we shall finally deduct the amount paid from the total.
    Travelling Bill Format in Excel

How does the formula work?

  1. [@[ONE WAY/RETURN]]: The value 1 is entered into the ONE WAY/RETURN column.
  2. [@[ONE WAY AMOUNT]]: The $1000 value is entered in the ONE WAY AMOUNT column.
  3. IFERROR([@[ONE WAY/RETURN]]*[@[ONE WAY AMOUNT]], "): Provides the result of multiplying ONE WAY/RETURN by ONE WAY AMOUNT. If there is an invalid value, it will return blank.


In this tutorial, we have tried to show how to build an Excel transport bill format. Hopefully, the examples above will make comprehending how the transport bill format works easier.

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